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Bellwald - Switzerland

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Hello all,

I'm new here in the forum and would like to introduce a small mountain in Switzerland where I learned skiing. It is called Bellwald.

Bellwald is a small idyllic mountain village in the middle of the swiss alps. The altitude of Bellwald is 1600 meters above sea level and the highest lift reaches 2600 meters. The ski resort is small and only has 4 lifts (2 highspeed chairs and 2 T-bars) and measures about 35 kilometers of slopes (that's how they measure in Switzerland - in km and not in acres). But remember that 35km are just the groomed slopes and the whole mountain is available to ski, you just have to watch out for avalanche danger as Bellwald has many steep faces. When I was there over Christmas break I tried out my new Go Pro and made a couple of videos. Here is one of them:

(oh and by the way, we had a 6 foot base at the bottom of the mountain biggrin.gif)


Thank you for reading and watching, and have a nice day!

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Thanks for the recommendation. I note it is to the south east of Jungfrau, so I guess to get there, you fly to Zurich follow by 3 hours of driving.

What about accommodation? Any chalets/pensions/hotels in Bellwald? Seems to me Bellwald is more catered for the locals and day trippers.

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I traveled by public transportation (which is super in Europe) and get there in about 2.5-3 hours. 

You can take a train directly from Zurich airport to Brig, there you change trains to a narrow gauge all the way to Fürgangen. That is where you then take the Cable Car up to Bellwald. However the trip may be shorter when one flies in from Geneva, however it is a smaller airport that offers less connections.


Bellwald is primarily made for families with small children. So there are a lot of chalets that are out for rent. My family owns a chalet there that we have been using now for about 25 years. I believe there are also about 5-6 hotels. In my opinion Bellwald lacks day trippers and that is why the slopes right now are basically empty, but yes a lot of guest come from the surrounding area of Goms.

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