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Does Western weather correlate with Eastern weather?


After 30+ years obsessing about skiing and weather, I've come to the conclusion that big storm cycles for the west often mean lousy skiing for the East.  The reverse does not seem to be quite as true, though I can recall several times being skunked by endless high pressure in UT or WY while the Northeast got slammed with big powder.


Specifically, it seems that big storms in the PNW, northern Sierras, Utah and Wyoming carve a path through the upper Midwest and then head up into Canada, leaving New England with freezing rain or just plain rain.  Perfect example: tomorrow's forecast.


On the other hand Southwestern storms,, affecting Mammoth and Taos, often seem to track up the Eastern seaboard and dump snow on the Northeast.


Is there any truth to this?  If so, what is the reason?