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salomon rocker 2

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so i've done my research. I've been on the hunt for a good, all purpose powder ski. I have narrowed it down to the JJ and the Rocker 2. I am leaning towards the rocker 2. I understand it has gotten good reviews and most people are thrilled, but thats always what they say in the magazines. Do you feel differently? How does it handle on piste? Does it do well with vibrations in the tip and tail? How heavy is it? Is it light enough to handle touring? if you have anything to say about they ski, good or bad, I would love to hear it. 

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How big are you, and where will you be skiing? That plays a huge part in your choice. I found that the 185 JJ felt too short. If that is the type of ski you are looking for, add the Atomic Bentchetler as well. My choices were Rocker 2 or Bentchetler, but I've seen too many issues with Salomon gear to go with them. Look at the Chetlers, although, good luck finding a pair. There's a reason they sell out before Christmas.

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I've been very happy with my Bents.  But there are ton's of good skis.  R2, JJ, S7, Hellbents, etc.  If you can't demo them in the proper conditions, just buy on price?  There will be ton's of deals out there soon.

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Dirish76--Just spent a weekend on my new Rocker2's.  I skied them all over the mountain and had a grin on my face the entire time.  They are light, 'poppy' and playful making them pretty darn versatile for a wide powder ski.  The conditions this weekend were packed powder on trail and crud everywhere else.  I can easily see myself skiing these 90% of my visit(s)  My turning style is more medium to short turns (ex-freestyler) and as I mentioned earlier, they had a lot of energy and where quick from edge to edge (once again, for a wide powder ski). 


With regards to your specific questions:

-They fairly light, much lighter than my Scott P4's

-On piste, it handled very well, of course the snow was soft, so performance will probably decline the harder the snow becomes.

-It vibrated less than my P4's and I didn't notice any tip flappage.  However, I never look down at my tips! 



Conditions:  packed powder and crud

Ability level:  Expert:  my home resort Freestyle team in H.S., skiing 35 years

Location: Out west

Size:  Me, 5'10"  155lbs.

Ski Length:  180cm

Reference ski:  Scott P4

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nice to hear about the rocker2 from someone my size. you've tempted me again to buy these again.

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Hey guys!

If any of you are still interested in buying, I have a pair for sale here:

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Originally Posted by ScourgeSkier View Post

Hey guys!

If any of you are still interested in buying, I have a pair for sale here:


Those are the Rocker 2 108-- the second number being the waist--  not to be confused with the 2011/2012 Rocker 2 (115 to 122 waist, depending on length) AKA Rocker 2 122 2012/2013... not to be confused with the Rocker 2 115.


Rocker 2 108 -- Small brother to Rocker 2/Rocker 2 122. 

Rocker 2 115 -- Unlike the other 100+ Rocker 2, this one is more of a charger.

Rocker 2/Rocker 2 122 -- The powder version.


To confused things, the Rocker 2/Rocker 2 122 is actually 115mm at the waist in the 180cm and shorter lengths, and 122mm in the 184 and longer lengths. 


I just picked up a pair of the 180 Rocker 2 (so 115mm waist) as powder/tree/playful ski. I'm a very light expert. This will complement my 180 Bones, which are my speedlimitless, big arcing, above the tree-line chargers for the Alps. Tentatively planning to bring Rocker 2 to Gulmarg end of January after breaking them in in Austria (depending on snow)... and will write a review here sometime in Feb. 

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^^ Also, the Rocker2 115 is actually 113mm underfoot, except in the 188 length when it's actually 115mm underfoot.

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I've been on the Rocker 2 (2011, AKA Rocker 2 122 with different graphics) @ 180cm (AKA 115mm underfoot) the last two days in Davos. The day before that I was on my Bones. Let's just say the new ski made me giddy. As soon as I get a chance I'll post a full review in its own thread. Couple days. 

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I got a chance to ride the Rocker2 this year in Colorado and it was a pretty fun ski. Handled cruddy conditions as well as powder just fine. The only downside that I felt was that it was a pretty heavy ski and didn't have to much flex. Although I am slightly smaller, 5'8 and 145 lbs, I felt like some of the drops were a bit hard and not too forgiving on the Rocker2. Overall a great ski though, it really liked to go fast and handled high speed turns awesome. The only cons I felt were a bit stiff and a little tough to maneuver in tight trees. Also, I see them being quite durable since I wrecked my Liberty's on the same run I was taking the rockers on the day after.


I have never ridden the JJ's but from everyone I talk to, I hear they are a great ski. I'm not going to give input on them since I have not ridden them yet but all I'm going to say is from the reviews I have read, it's a good ski and I am going to demo them in the future from all the hype I've seen.


Overall, both good skis (from what I heard) and I really doubt that you'll be upset with either of the choices.

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