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Crystal, Sunday the 3rd.


Driving up the access road through a thick fog layer, the webcams had shown that the gondola was above the clouds earlier so we held out hope.  Low and behold, just as you hit the parking lot you broke out of the fog.  Things froze overnight, hard.  The first run I made the mistake of dropping down green valley, which was ungroomed.  That might have been one of my least favorite runs, ever.  However... things softened up fairly quickly, as expected.  Turned into a great day, the sun even came out later in the afternoon.  Had great fun in the bumps coming down Sunnyside.  The bare patches are getting bigger, for sure.  This was the last weekend that REX will be running, after this it's just Green Valley.  Not crowded, didn't wait in a line all day.


This was probably my last day of the year and a pretty good way to wrap it up, I'd say.  Got my first day of the season on 11/19 and my last day on 6/3, six and a half months... not too shabby.