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Killebrew Canyon - Heavenly

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So last time I went there, 4 years back, I missed out on the Killebrew steeps and now I'm heading back this February. With a little research, I figured a little bit out about the fun to be had in there and some other cool stuff. But, I did read over some comments that make me a bit nervous. I hear that the exit can be hard to find in the canyon, and it's possible to continue on skiing and then have to hike back up a mile?

Now, I'm fine with hiking out a bit, but I don't feel like getting lost OOB and have to hike through some unknown area to get back to the Mott's lift. 

So my question is, how hard or easy is it to find the Killebrew exit from everywhere in the canyon? Is it distinguishable?




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I almost missed the exit.  If you did, I don't think it would be all that bad -- the exit traverse runs along the boundary rope most of the way, so it isn't like you are going to get lost.  You'd have to climb up to get on the traverse, I guess.  When the slope flattens out, the exit hugs the left wall.  If you know you are looking for a traverse, it shouldn't be that hard to find.  Don't go past the flat spot hoping there is more skiing up ahead..


Just watch or ask.  I doubt you will be the only one there. 


Edit - certainly not a mile.  There isn't enough room before the rope to be a big deal.  Enough of a backtrack hike to be annoying, but that is all.  If you reach the boundary rope before you are on the traverse, you've gone too far.

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As I recall, and it has been a few years, I intially skied the Boundary Chutes into Kilibrew Canyon.  The boundary ropes are clearly visible, you'll reach a point where you will have to ski to the left down into Killibrew Canyon.  It is fairly steep and gladed, the boundary will be to your right.  At the end you'll be at a run-out which takes you back to the Mott chair.  Shouldn't be a problem, you'd have to ski under the rope to get into the OB.

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It really isnt a big deal. Just watch out for the boundary lines. When I skied the right side (looking from top down) I took a picture.

I'm not sure how much it will help:





So when you ski all the way down into the floor of the canyon you want to stay left and almost hug that side of the canyon which will make it easy to get back into mott canyon.

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What the others have said- It is great there when it is good, but is there really enough snow now to be thinking about this?


Also, FWIW, I think the portions of Mott on the KB side are steeper than the middle portion of KB (which is mostly what I have skied there and it is possible that I missed something)

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Late February I hope.  Heavenly is only 30% open...the Mott chair is not even spinning today.

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Your biggest concern is whether or not Mott and Killebrew will be open this year before March.  But anyway, they rope the boundary off pretty well, so it shouldn't be a problem.

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Feb 19-25 I'll be in Tahoe. I'm banking on big snow to continue with the start of snow from the last ministorm, especially when the Tahoe area is often very streaky. And I'm banking on the canyons being open too. Last time I was there, I arrived after 3 weeks of snow, and the last 2 or 3 days of my 7 day trip were the start of a big storm cycle that left a lot of snow over the next 2 or 3 weeks after I left. While the conditions in Tahoe are a little nerv-wracking at the moment, it's also nice to think that for such a low theres gotta be a lot of snow coming soon (definitely when I'm there hopefully)!

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