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AT Boots, Chronic Heel Blisters. Help.

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Hello World,


I have been battling heel blisters ever since I started AT skiing, which is nine years now.  I have tried two boots and many linners in that time and still have not found a solution.  Here are some factors that contribute to the problem, I have narrow heel and very sweaty feet.  My question are:


Is there a pair of boots AT (Dynafit Compatible) that are good for people with narrow heels?  


Is there a liner that is good for narrow heels with sweaty fee?


To save some time here is what I am currently using:


Garmont Mega Rides with Intuition Linners (Regular not fancy), I put ramped shims under my heels and this helped alot (now that I think of it I my try a thicker shim) and an external (to the liner) adhesive foam pad to add volume to the liners on my heels this helped a little.  


This is what I have tried for foot care:


High quality ski sock

Thin sock liners

Tape (leukotape is the only tape that stays on due to the wetness of my feet however I still get friction burns under the tape which makes tape removal dicey)

Body Glides

Anti blister powder

Anti persperent on my feel

talcum powder on my feet




Any suggestions?  Realistically I can not afford to buy new boots this year, liners maybe.  New boots next year possibly.  


The think is I love BC skiing and I go even though it trashes my feet however it is starting to be a bummer and effecting my enthusiasm.  


I would appreciate any advice.





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do you get blisters in other footwear?


how big is the shell fit?



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The shell seems like a good fit, I can not remember how many fingers I can fit behind my heel however I have had the liner molded several times and the people who have helped in the store have said that it is a good fit.  I do not generally get blisters in other shoes however I seldom wear stiff soled boots.  I have had some full shank climbing/hiking boots (Sportiva Makalus if you remember those that did the same thing.  So generally no however I do wear all of my shoes out in the heel first.  I wear size eleven street shoes and my the tongue on my boots same 27-28.5 I think that the shell is a 28.5 not totally sure I can not find where it is printed on there. My liners are Intution power wraps.





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sounds almost like your stride, while skinning is strange.  if you take smaller steps, or use a larger or smaller heel lifter, does that help?


the sweating will not help, but blisters that badly, ONLY while ski touring, is strange.

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Originally Posted by Soreheels View Post

Hello World,


I have been battling heel blisters ever since I started AT skiing, which is nine years now.  Here are some factors that contribute to the problem, I have narrow heel and very sweaty feet.  

Heel blisters are caused from a loose heel which slips up and down as you tour.


Without seeing your foot it is impossible to know how narrow your heel is, which is one key element to your issue, there could be more issues, and as I mentioned it is impossible to recommend a full solution without seeing you in person,  however, here are a few things to consider.


You mentioned that you added padding in the heel area, which helped a little. Assuming you are using a fairly new liner that does not have many ski days on them I would add more (high density) padding to take up more volume in the heel. The exact amount of volume you need will take some experimenting to get right. Also, the exact location of where to add the padding can be tricky so I would get the assistance of a professional bootfitter. Assuming that you have room in the forefoot (?) trying a thicker sock can also help in combination with adding volume with padding. (Note: in general I do not recommend thick socks but in your case it is something to try).


Also, you mentioned added a thicker heel shims, which also could help but keep in mind it will start to affect your stance and could effect the instep height.


Intuition makes several different liners, some are thicker than others. Perhaps one of the liners you already have is thicker and with the combination of padding and a slightly thicker sock might get you going in the right direction.


NOTE: 9 years is a long time to be dealing with this issue...you need to find and work with a professional boot fitter.


Where do you live? Perhaps we can recommend someone near you.




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Thanks for the feedback.  I will try a thicker sock.  It seems like I will need to get a new liner,  as the ones I am using are getting quite firm.  However as you mentioned I should be working with a professional boot fitter.  I am in Missoula, Montana.  I would appreciate a reccomendation for a boot fitter (I also travel from time to time so going out of the area is a possibility(.





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come north to banff (good touring in the area) and come see me.


Not sure who, but usually some guys in big sky too that can help

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The fitters at the area shop in big Sky seem to know their business when lasted I visited.



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Thanks for the great feedback.  I have decided that I need to throw down a chunk of money for some new liners.  My experience at mountain shops is that the people helping me a quite good however I suspect (having been a mountain shop guy at one stage in my life)  there is a difference between what many of you are reffering to as a boot fitting professional and a person working at a mountain shop.  Obviously that difference comes down to training and experience.  No disrespect meant to boot fitters at mountain shops.  It always seems like a crap shoot to me, you go in a store and the first person to help you is the person fitting your boots.  As I mentioned I would be willing to travel to see a boot fitter if I knew that it was going to be worth my while.  Any suggestions for really good boot fitters in the Northwest?





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How tight is your calf? Sound like a heel lift could help.


Jeffrey Rich C.Ped.


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