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I have gotten to a stage where I'm bored of the blue, and black runs and now I'm venturing into the terrain park. I mostly do the blue/black runs if I'm not in the terrain park.


I just got myself into the terrain park this year. I have done it about half a dozen times now but I'm skiing with my Salomon X-Wing Fire 154CM skis and they are not twin tip skis.


I can do 360 going down the hill with the salmon (not jumps), and I can do jumps in the park and get about 1-1.5 meters of air with no tricks. Just straight air.


From online this is what I read about twin tip skis:

-lighter for the park

-ability to ski backwards

-softer landings and shock absorption compared to non-park skis

-bindings are centered for more balanced air time

-less prone to catching an edge in the park


I'm 5'9" and 135lbs. I'm looking to get a pair of twin tip skis and I would like some recommendations. I want something that will fit my needs. I'm planning to do 50% terrain park and 50% blue/black runs.


Questions regarding twin tip skis for doing 50% terrain park and 50% blue/black runs:

-what length of skis should I get?

-what brand?

-what bindings?


Thanks for your help!