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Hey folks,


I will try to avoid spamming too much, but wanted to introduce you all to our new company, Worth Skis.  We are based in Middlebury, Vermont, and are offering 4 models of backcountry-oriented, EC skier focused skis designed by us in VT and built by Praxis in Tahoe.

We are focused on building versatile, back-country capable skis that work in all eastern conditions, as well as anywhere in the world.  Our designs use sidecut taper with early rise or light tip rocker (no full-rocker or reverse stuff here) to provide float and control in varied snow, while maintaining camber and power for the hard stuff.  We offer 2 cores and two layups to choose from, and we build your skis to order.


Our official brand launch will be at the Middlebury College Snow Bowl in Hancock, VT on Saturday, Feb. 25th during the Midd. College Winter Carnival.  But if you are in the Middlebury area, or up near Smuggler's Notch, let us know and we can get you on a pair to try us out.  Our first skis are now out on the snow, and getting good reviews.  Watch TGR forums for upcoming reviews from some folks who have been on them, and hopefully we will see some reviews here soon as well.


We aren't a big company, just three guys who had an idea and made it happen.  We are stoked on the project, and hope you will be too!


You can check out our (temporary) website at, or visit us on facebook.  A real site (not my late-night hack job up now) will be up in a few weeks, or you can e-mail me at jason at worthskis dot com.

Thanks for your spam-patience, we look forward to seeing you on the hill!




Power core:


Power Core.jpg


The line-up:




On the hill: