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Steel Brush

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Do I need a steel brush as part of my race ski (GS and SL) tuning kit?


Both the Swix and Toko race tuning guides reference using a steel brush to better open up the base structure. I've been using copper or bronze brushes.

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I was told by more than a few tuners to stay away from steel brushes unless you have one of the following probelms: 

1) base burn

2) dried out bases

3) wrong structure for warmer race conditions

I have one in my wax box, but it's only been used to rejuvenate the nearly dead bases on my buddy's snowboard. I mainly stick to copper, brass and bronze. It works fine for my beer league tuning.



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Your bronze or copper brushes will be a little softer than a steel or brass brush. But in reality, they will all do the job. There may be some hardcore racers that would beg to differ (and given that purchasing a steel brush is not going to break the bank), but in the end, using a steel vs a copper/bronze brush is not going to make a lick of difference in your times.


Definitely interested in anyone else's views as well.


Where do you race?

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There are actually 2 kinds of steel brushes. The first has a fairly thick stiff bristle with a distinct directional slant - it is very good for cleaning out the base structure before waxing   (light pressure) and as a first brush (I actually use a nylon as the very first just to minimize the wax buildup in the metal brushes) with hard waxes (moderate pressure). It is this one that you need to watch out for. There is also a very soft fine steel which I use as a last metal before the horsehair which does a very nice job of really cleaning out the structure post wax. There had been a discussion on the Holmenkol site on the different metal brushes. One of the main advantages I actually found with a progression of metal brushes was that it made the brushing process a lot easier (especially when dealing with cold waxes). Do I think I get better times because of them? No: brushing 0.5%, right wax selection 9.5%, technique 90% (and this underestimates technique in most situations).


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