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Brake bar width

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Hello everyone, this is my first post. 

So, getting new skis mounted for my wife - Christmas present from me. Swapping Rossi Axiom 110 bindings from K2 Apache 90 ish wide to Atomic Century's 100 wide.   Brake bar is rubbing a little on the new mount - FYI, work being done at REI.

They can put on 120mm brake bars now, or wait 5 days for 110's.

Question: does it matter if we go with the 120's or should we wait for 110's?


(I ask as I am not a skier, well not for 15 years, I board, so I need binding advice.)


Thanks so much!


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If I understand you correctly, you are talking about putting either 120 or 110 mm wide  brakes on the 100 waisted Centuries.  If that is the case I would recommend waiting for the 110s.  The 120s would stick out pretty far and could cause problems a number of ways, including actually hooking together unexpectedly. 


Since you have the option of buying 110s that will work you could ask the shop to try and bend the old 90 mm brakes to fit. If they break them in the process it doesn't matter because you can always buy the 110s.  Bending 90s to fit 100 mm waisted skis is not much of a stretch.

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Just get the brakes bent out.  Make sure it is done by someone who knows what he is doing.



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