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Ski boots are a pain

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I am probably not the only one out there, but I have problems fitting boots. I have a really thick calf and having to modify my boots. Even after modifying them they still don't fit properly. Is there any boots out there that would fit me? Or is there a better way to modify them?

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Are you modifying your boots yourself or working with a professional bootfitter?


There are custom ski boot options if you have tried everything else.

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The tool pictured here: allows the boot cuff to be 

pulled to the rear and up righted to allow for a larger calf muscle.  We have used it successfully many 

many times to help folks ski in a more centered position and use far less energy during the ski day.



After the boots are installed in the fixture the crank is turned to pull the upper cuff rearward and then the sides of the shells are heated with a heat gun to 300 degrees and then held in the new position till cooled down.  The boot cuff then retains the new position and will allow the leg to stand in a more upright position.  No more pinching or overly tired quads.



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No I do not modify my boots I have my local shop do it.

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with a thick calf then there are  few things that can help


1 the cuff stretcher like mike has shown will flare the cuff back and give space for the calf muscle

2 removing some material form the top of the liner or replacing the liner with a thermo mould such as an intuition or palau will give more space

3 if there is limited ankle joint range of moth in then addition of a heel lift will help to open the ankle joint a little and lift the calf a little higher out of the boot


if your shop isn't looking at these things then i would find a new shop

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