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Salomon 1080's and Bindings

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At the end of last season i picked up a brand new pair of Salomon 1080's, minus bindings. I am an adept all mountain skiier and am thinking of branching into park skiing. I weigh 9 stone and the skis are 161's. Any suggestions for appropriate bindings?

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912 Ti.

The park binding due to lightweight and lower than average height off the deck. Plus, they'll add a year to the warranty of the skis, which you might need. I delammed my 1080's mid-season.
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Originally posted by billyboybarrow:
I weigh 9 stone
Someone please tell me now that this is also a common measurement that will be known and understood by anyone with experience in any shop. :

And to answer the question, a second vote for the 912 Ti.

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www.metricsucks.com I believe that it has stone in the conversion factors. This is a great site to add to your list. Just type in your numbers and pick your conversion factors. It does the rest.
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^^^ Who sucks more? Your site for not having stones or the original poster for using them? Either way, 161s are too short, and you shouldn't be riding them in the first place if you need to know what kind of binders to put on them...
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Bakerboy how would you have the knowledge of what skiis are and are not best for me?, I have tried many skiis off piste in St Anton and Gressony last year, and decided these were the best for me in this length. And just because i seek advice on bindings doesn't really represent my skiing ability, seems like someones compensating for their bad skiing with technical knowledge............
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At 126 pounds the Salomon 810 Ti should work great for you. If you are growing fast, though, get the 912 Ti instead.
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I think i'll go for the s912 ti, i had been recommeded and looking at them before hand, but because of my weight and the fact i am growing i was unsure if they were a good choice. thanks everybody, aside from bakerboy, for your advice.
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My 22 year old son used the 912Ti on two of his twin tips. He weighs 165 pounds, hucks cliffs, does flips & even has landed a 1080. He's had no problems with the 912 Ti's set at the recommended DIN.
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If the warranty is not an issue - try the Look Jib binding (essentially a P12). Or if weight is an issue try the P12Ti. In my oppinion Look makes the best binding on the market - they have the most elasticity. Try to find a pair on ebay as you can sometimes find them CHEAP.
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Can the 2004 1080 use the regular S912ti?

The reason I ask is that there is a version called S912ti 1080, but not featured on the Salomon website.
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My 23 year old son & 21 year old daughter have 1080s. My son has standard 912 Tis on his and my daughter has standard 810 Tis on hers.
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Thanks Rio, I will get 912ti to go with my 1080 (just purchased today on Ebay)
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