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Skis for old retired racer

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Looking for a newer set of skis for big mountain skiing in Washington State, mostly Crystal Mt, Baker and Whistler- prefer a some NOS skis from the past 5 years since I am on a budget.  


Currently skiing on Head Worldcup race skis from 1997  they are 198 or 200 cm skiis also ski on a variety of 205-208 gs race skis from the late 80's / early 90's  K2, Dynamic and Blizzard, all race stock.  I love going fast and making GS turns!!!


I am getting older and took about 5 years mostly away from skiing (1-5 days of a year - raising my kids)  Now I am teaching the 6 year old and 4 year old how to ski, we plan on getting a season pass at Baker next year for the fam.


I am not quite as strong as I used to be.  Granted I am no weakling- I still race Mountain bikes and Cyclocross. 

I am 5'9 155ish  39 years old


I can still crank it out on the 205 race boards but they are starting to wear me down.


What ski should I get next?  These look fun.  Too stiff for all mountain?




What skis should I look at?


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Good luck! It doesn't exist. If you go wider you lose quickness from edge to edge and edge hold on steep terrain. Stay narrow, you lose floatation.


Those are a steal, can't lose, but they won't float in snow. Gotta get 2 pairs, one for powder, one for flats.

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You didn't say you actually want to do any off piste skiing.  If what you mostly want to do is make fast GS turns, that means you're going to be skiing the groomers and you already have skis for that.  If you do want to start skiing bumps, trees and powder, demo some skis, maybe 90-100mm underfoot and early rise/rocker tip.  Try some 90mm and also 100mm and get off the groomers because they live up to what you're used to skiing.  When you're on skis like this, the groomers are just to get you back to a lift so you get back to the stuff they're made for.  You don't strap on a pair of rockered powder boards and go ski groomers all day, it won't be very entertaining.

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what's NOS? the racetiger (66mm waist approx) would not be a suitable everyday ski for Baker, as you said, too stiff, and maybe too narrow. look into skis that are 85mm to 100mm waist. I guess I'm assuming you'll go all over in all conditions, thus the off piste recommendation. If your all mountain ski has at least 30mm difference between the waist and tip you will be able to arc your GS turns pretty well. At around 40mm dif waist to tip, your skis arc a tighter turn by tipping onto your edge.


some specific models, in case you haven't been hangin' around the shop:

Fischer Watea 98

Dynastar Legend 94

Rossignol Ex 88 or 98

Volkl Kendo, Mantra

Stockli Scott Schmidt Pro

Kaestle MX 88 or 98 (?model names)



you don't sound very old, can't have people overusing this important term, haha.


good luck, keep us posted. guys at Starthaus in Truckee Ca ski a similar climate and conditions and could advise with more specific knowledge than I can.

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NOS = new old stock

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got it, thx. all my favorite skis are NOS, usually 2 model years.

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tekkamaki, go up to Crystal and demo skis either at the base or at the RDL center at the top under the gondola station. They will be selling these skis at the end of the season, and in general, they'll be in very good condition. I don't think they have Kastles, but Blizzard, K2, Rossi, Dynastar, and others. It seems you can find NOS Dynastar, Nordica (last years Girish) and Black Diamond skis around as well. 88-100 or so underfoot for the PNW. There are a few skis out there that are even a bit wider that will work as well. I don't own it, but really like the Head Inferno (104 underfoot, go for the 181 for your size... works great at low speed as well when you're with the kids) for a daily ski out here. Davluri's list above is also a nice starting point.


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Looks like its time to demo some modern skis.  I might pick up a set of the ebay racetigers since its not much more $ than 2 days of demos.

could be fun on icy days.


Thanks all

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