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It's raining

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just thought everyone should know

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I'm sorry to hear that... what a bummer.  It must be especially upsetting when you are in an epic ski locale (such as tahoe).


I can only imagine the $$$ effect of this on the local economy.

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Isn't that good for the fire situation?

(looking at the bright side)

welcome to vermont. oh... you're in Cali.

Sorry. Bummer

Now, about you're user

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At least it means groundhog day is over. wake up....snowmakers make snow...a few beginners show up to ski...wake up....snowmakers make snow....a few beginners show up to ski.... go home drink a lot....wake up...throw toaster in bathtub...wake up..etc...we might have to loose it all to get it all back....I hope.

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rain in truckee but how up the road? 

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Drive to Mammoth Tahoe jongs as it is snowing.biggrin.gif

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Just checked many of the Sierra CDEC remote weather stations for snow and only stations above 10,000 feet seemed to get all snow.     Note yesterday the NWS had raised the snow levels of the main front to 9000 to 9500 feet in the Tahoe Basin.   The snow level has been dropping on the backside of the front but the damage is already done.   Mammoth Pass at 9300 feet had 2 inches of precip but showed minimum temps a bit above freezing for the first inch and barely below for the last inch.  So snow at mid mountain though wet.   Much of the weeks of slowly built up man-made snow, mother nature just peeeeeeeed down the crick.  


But this next storm Sunday has a snow level 5k to 6k so ought to put down a modest base of a foot or two. 

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Originally Posted by dave_SSS View Post

Much of the weeks of slowly built up man-made snow, mother nature just peeeeeeeed down the crick.  


That's only happened about 5 or 6 times so far this season in Vermont.  And it looks like another round on Monday.  You need to send your groomers and snowmakers east to learn how to deal with this.


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In Vermont, we call it base building when it rains then gets cold again. (That's assuming there's white there. If not, it's...well depressing)

Besides, people in VT know not to use the R word in the first place.

Now, as for allowing someone called the soggy cow to roam around your ski area.....prob not a good idea.  biggrin.gif

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