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Martin Bell as a teacher?

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I'm thinking of doing a Martin Bell clinic next week at big Sky. Anyone with any experience with Martin Bell's instruction?

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do it!

No direct experience, but if he can get lbt (username) to ski like he did at Big Sky, Martin may be Jesus.


You could pm lbt - he lives in England.

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He's awfully fun to ski with...

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I'm with Tog.  Do it.  If I had the chance I certainly would. 


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Lura and I did the camp.  Martin is a GREAT teacher. Something for everyone at every level in the camp. I highly recommend it.

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Not sure if MB is going to be running any Big Sky clinics in the future. He's now a U16 coach in Vail, with SSCV. He and his wife have relocated there, presumably to enable his daughter to join their program.


He has a wonderful reputation, no doubt.  

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Martin Bell was one of our esteemed EpicSki Academy coaches, and I also had the privilege of working with him a little bit at Vile, er, Vail (sorry, I hate it when I do that--it's how an Australian client of mine says it....) a few years back. He's a great guy, a superb skier, and a very astute teacher. I can't imagine that his camp would be anything but a great experience. Plus, it's at Big Sky! Go for it!


Best regards,


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Ditto! Do it! 

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I heard two seasons ago that MB had moved on from the Big Sky / YC area. Good to hear he landed in Vail. I've some good things about that program.

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What a nice surprise to chance upon this thread, thanks for the props.

Yes I am now coaching for Ski and Snowboard Club Vail in Colorado. We just got on the "home hill" at Golden Peak.

But I will miss this :) 


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No answer, but an anecdote. 


~15 years ago Martin Bell was at Sugarbush for a "JEEP, King of the Mountain" race. I was one of the instructors helping with logistics one day when practice was canceled because the weather sucked. Since we were still being paid, and thus not needing to report to lineups we immediately went to Castle Rock to check out the extremely large, frozen, bumps in hopes that the drizzle had softened them (It hadn't). We had taken a back way from the race course and Martin must have followed us because when we got to the top he was right behind us and asked what trail we recommended.  We looked at his ~230 DH practice skis and said we were heading for middle earth. "Great!" he pushed off.  The trail starts flat then slowly increases in pitch as it starts into a long "S" curve. We looked at his back and all said we've got to see this, but never did. By the time we got to the top of the start of the real pitch and could see around the corner all we saw was him disappearing through the steepest section. We figure with that long of ski he was just skimming the bump tops as he straight lined it.   

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