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Women's Skiboot help

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My wife and I are heading to Colorado next week with another couple. The woman in the other couple broke a bone in her foot - the side bone just up your foot from the little toe. No cast, no surgery Quite a bummer since we already bought tickets and paid for the condo. Good thing is she want to ski and is looking for a easy entry boot. Her doctor says she can't hurt it any more so she wants to try. Since she hasn't bought boots in a while she was looking at rear entry boots or a boot to try to avoid the squeeze into the boot and out. Can someone recommend an easy entry boot? Aren't the newer boots easier to get on and off?

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Get her to the ski shop and start trying on stuff...

I don't know how the internet is going to help on this one.  You'll need to ask the bootfitter


I suppose it depends if she thought that boots were difficult to get into in the first place even before the injury?

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Let us know where in CO you are skiing and we can recommend a good shop and fitter.  This way you do not have to take any chances on getting the wrong boot and a poor fit.



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We will be in Vail Village, likely will Demo skis too. Any recommendation?

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