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Well, it happened to me about a week ago in Vail.  I was a victim of stoke overload.  I got on a lift at Vail and sat next to a perfectly nice lady, who was all about the stoke.  She couldn't have been more happy.  We chatted the whole way up Vista Bahn, then we decided to make some turns together at the start of mountain top lift.  I was there by myself, so company was just fine.  

The first lift went something like this.  

her - "Oh man, it's snowing so hard I love it!"

Yeah, we need the snow for sure.  This rocks!

"Yeah, it's snowing so hard that my down jacket was soaking through, so I had to put on the jacket that I KNEW wouldn't let moisture through.  (Points to her very spiffy, brand new Arcteryx jacket) Do you have one of these?"

Yep, those are nice, but no, I just have my down Cloudveil jacket.

"Does it have the recco system?"

Yep, so they can find my dead body buried under the snow after I've already suffocated.

"You really should get one of these.  I've been skiing 37 days this year already!  I usually live on my boat in Dana Point during the summer, but I'm thinking about selling it and moving here.  I love this place!"

(I start covering my mouth because the wind and cold are making my face cold.  I'm not complaining about it, just covering my face)

"Is your face cold?  Man you should really get one of these!  (Points to her balaclava)  It's t shirt material on top so it's not too warm!"

I have a balaclava in my back pack, but I try to go without it if I can because it hinders my water drinking.

"Well you should really get one of these!"


The conversation went on like this the whole way up.  I had a run down on everything she had on her person by the time we got to the top of Mountain Top Express.  She was really nice, and very excited, but it was just too much for me.  Halfway down the mountain I had to stop to put my balaclava on.  She kept going, and I thought that might have been the end of it.  Hell, I wouldn't have waited for me.  After I get it on I go to get on the lift, and she hops right next to me from the other side of the lift lines.  I was shocked.  The next ride up was almost the same conversation because one other guy joined us and she got to go through her whole schpeal again.  I was ready to jump off the lift.  


Am I too jaded?  Am I a too cool ass****?  


Later on I met a great kid, Alex, and Mike who was a Dr., and the kid Alex was at Harvard Medical School, and they both were from the east coast.  Had a great time with them.  Even ended up sharing some food and beers at the end of the day along with exchanging numbers and emails.


So I was just too cool for her, right?  Selective friending?  Anyone else gotten stoke overload from someone?  I wish that lady the best, glad she's so happy, but I never want to ride another lift with that person.  Hope they weren't a bear.