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Anyone have an opinon on a  shell have narrowed it down to the Marmot Tamarack and a previous season Mountain Hardwear Howson Jacket, any thoughts, looked at the North Face Varius Guide, seems really thin, bought a Sierra Design Prima Fusion nice, but not meant for a mountain top.

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First, I think you need to understand that (shell) does not equal (warm). Shell equals wind and wet protection. Warm equals insulation and a shell does not provide that factor. When a shell is the outer garment, the warm comes from whatever you put underneath it. This of course must start with a baselayer (wicking) which can then be followed and supplemented by whatever degree of insulation you choose then the shell goes over all.


Naturally, the amount of wind and wet resistance will vary somewhat but that is a factor that is stupid easy to discern. You don't have to seek sage advice from the internet for that.......just read the label(s)



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^^^^ What he said, will only add that ironically, the better a shell breathes, often the colder it feels subjectively. Wicks away warmth along with moist air, at a faster rate. Pay more attention to what's underneath. 


Exception: If you live in a climate zone that gets rain along with the snow, or if you also plan to use this for hiking other seasons, then water resistance and breathability are worth a Google. Not all membranes or coatings are created equal.

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wick= pulls moisture away from body

transporting = is the moving of moisture from one layer to another and ultimately outside the jacket

both components of proper layering.


Even if you layer correctly with a proper wicking base and mid layer, a jacket that doesn't transport will cause a build up of moisture which once you begin sweat and then decline in activity will cause your body to to chill. This is why a jacket with just a PU membrane or other non-tranporting/ low breathing membrane/material may seem warm at first but if you can't move the moisture out, you will get cold once your clothes under the shell become moist. The goal is dress in  a way that will result in the least amount of sweating as possible (but remain comfortable).





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