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Wet gloves... sweat?

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My gloves are always DRENCHED after skiing, even when I never contact snow.


If gloves are getting this wet from sweat, are there any specific models you would recommend that wick away moisture but are still waterproof?

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stop sweating....take em off while in lift lines or on lift...

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Try wearing one less layer. If you are sweating in your hands excessively you are probably overheating overall?

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I also have warm hands, I'm warm in general, and dress accordingly, but I cannot wear gloves like most people wear. I've tried lots of things, I tried black diamond windproof fleece gloves and they are the right thickness, but since they are windproof, they don't breathe enough and my hands get wet, and then cold. My favorite gloves were a pair of fleece gloves that were nice and warm on the way up, and breathed and dried on the way down.I also had some nylon shells I kept in my pockets to throw over them for snow/wind. OR makes a glove system like this called the versa liner. Arc Terx makes some fleece gloves I like even more, but they don't have a shell.


These days, if it's above zero and not snowing too much, I ski in a pair of swix cross gloves, which are actually cross country gloves and have a little insulation on the back of the hand and just a leather palm. I also carry a pair of REI taped mittens that are water proof shells if it gets cold/snowy/windy.


The thing I've had to realize is that with both my hands and feet, I was basically over dressing, which I would then end up wet and then cold. It's a bit counter intuitive, but I found by wearing less, I stayed warmer, drier, and more comfortable. Do a little experimenting and I think you'll find that if you think things through, and aren't afraid to stray away from the norm, that you can be quite comfortable.

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Smart wool liners worked for me.
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What are you currently using., is it goretex? It's gotta be goretex!
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Originally Posted by raytseng View Post

What are you currently using., is it goretex? It's gotta be goretex!


I don't know what they are; I have Colombia gloves that are Omni-Tech Titanium.   They're toasty till they get damp

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Go check Finndog's  premium glove thread.   Search on 'OutDry'    if you can't find it.


_All_ of those gloves should be a full step above what you have for breathability.    What you have is a budget-conscious glove for sitting on the lift under a snowblower in seriously cold weather.

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Here lies all you need to know


use this keycode  FYB13951


any of the gloves using the OUtDry are exceptional. Seriously. they are not perfect but pretty dam close.




HERE's the thread- warning, it contains a ton of overthinking, over analyzing so look for the links to product descriptions and factual data.  Bottom line is the outdry stuff beats the crap out of Goretex gloves other than the $300 arc teryx gloves at much lower cost. I still contend they breathe better just due to the materials used.  the major difference is that the membrane is attached to the outer layer (to its inside) preventing moisture from penetrating beyond that point. Outdry also is much more breatheable than gore-tex.  only used them 4 days but my experience was similar to others in that your hands will stay much drier and the shell stays almost totally dry. No wet soggy gloves.....



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