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whats everyones feelings on mantras

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I work at a performance rental shop and the Volkl Mantra and Blizzard Bonifide are my favs.out of the entire fleet. I'm a heavy guy and both skis are great in cut up snow i.e. they don';t bounce me around.

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whats everyones feelings on mantras

Not good..................................(I've owned two and sold 'em for 5+ years)





The Mantra is a relatively wide ski that is not very good in soft or mixed conditions when compared to other skis in the same width range. OTH, if you want a wider ski that is minimally effective in mixed snow and awful in bumps, it's an awesome choice.



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It's a great crud ski and rails on the groomers. It's not a ski I would want for powder.
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Fun skis, but a bit stiff for lighter guys.  I probably lean toward something a bit softer: Kastle BMX98, FX94, Blizzard Bonafide, Fischer Watea 98, Salomon Shogun

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 I loved the old Mantras and skied them as my go-to everything ski for a couple seasons, then got some softer, wider skis for powder. I kept the Mantras for hard snow, then replaced them with some more sedate doctor/lawyer skis. So much for that.

 Full disclosure- I separated a shoulder hitting an icy rut at Mach schnell on my old Mantras in 2010. Picabo Street, whom I've had the pleasure of meeting and is our local director of skiing (PCMR) has skied them off the shelf in Master's races and loved them (@177). That's what kind of ski they are.

Anyway, I skied the Kendos and the new Mantras back to back and, thrilled, bought the Mantras, you know, like a drug addict.

The Kendos are quick and lively and I nearly got them instead but the Mantras are more powerful and stable, and with the early rise, quicker into the turn.

There are probably better choices out there now for all- arounders, the Mantras are what, seven years old? That's grampa these days.  The raves are out for the Kastles and Blizzards and the prices are close. Unlike the hardware pros that write such great, detailed reviews here, I don't get to demo all that often so don't get the full spectrum. I just like the Volkl feel throughout the brand.

So, the Mantras are a go fast, lively, fairly demanding ski that are good all mountain but great on uncrowded, wide groomers. They ski powder well in a pinch, I had them out yesterday in 8" of untracked, but sun exposed and somewhat heavy powder and they were big fun. Very nice bounce out of the turn- in lighter snow you don't get that so much- they're too stiff. Not a primary pow ski. Not a bump ski either, but on moderate and soft bumps, they pivot just fine. The early rise helps in everything, with instant turn initiation. That's a big reason why I picked them over the Kendo. As in the old version, with a little input, they'll make any turn shape you want easily, but love the big arc at speed.

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