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My High School Ski Coach [Milton High School Wildcats in MA]

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My High School Ski Coach – Paul Ajemain

Coach Paul Ajemain was my high school ski coach; we called him AJ for short.  AJ loved to ski, and very passionate about skiing and ski racing.  He help found the Milton High School Ski Team when my oldest brother Bob when he was a Sophomore in High School in 1972, brother John was on the team from 74-76 and I skied from MHS from 1980-82, younger brother Ned also skied for AJ from 1982-1984 as did my youngest brother Mike from 1987-1990.  If I’m not mistaken my two older sister also skied for the Wildcats in the late 70’s as well. 



Paul Ajemain - Milton High School Ski Coach



The other day I bumped into AJ at Blue Hills Ski Area in Canton MA, where he was still coaching and conducting Milton High School Ski Team practice with a co-ed squad of 16 racers.  It was amazing to see him again in the same lodge doing the same thing all these years later and still with a huge proud smile on his face. 


Dan Egan



Padded sweater, scarf, rear entry boots and pole straps flopping free

Year MHS Ski Team 1982



Right off the bat he started to tell me about a brother sister combo that is racing for him and how good they were.  As we stood in the middle of the lodge laughing and catching up I became lost in the moment and the years slipped away and I wanted to ski race again on a single pole slalom race course with a timing system that consisted of three coaches with stop watches and your average time was the record time for the run.  Winning times were around 19 seconds if my memory serves me right.


Oh what fun we had back then skiing every day after school on the “Blue Bump” or “Mighty Mount Blue”, just a few of the names we had for our home ski area.  The bus rides to and from the hill with friends, ski racing under the lights where learning to ski in the shadow line was as much importance as skiing the rut line. Then there was the 8 minute chairlift ride and the: 30 second schuss to the bottom just to wait in line and do it all over again.


Ski racing then had nothing to do with technique and race workers slipping the run smooth, wearing helmets  or parents waxing our skis.  No, skiing racing back then had to do with guts, reckless abandon, impressing the girls and beating your buddies from the neighboring town.  The dress of the day was jeans, padded sweaters, scarves, and any old hat you could find.

Ned Egan





There have been so many life-long skiers that AJ fostered, the other day I got an email from MHS Ski Team member Beth Hennessey  letting me know that she and her family along with two other MHS skiing alumni were coming up to ski at Shawnee Peak in Maine and did I want to join them.  You bet I did was my response. At the Milton annual town “Turkey Trot” this past Thanksgiving fellow team ski team mate Kevin Walsh and current Blue Hills Ski Team Parent/Coach ran a few miles with me telling about his kids skiing for AJ at the High School.  The Walsh family had more kids then the Egan’s did all of them skied for AJ in the 70’s and 80’s.


AJ & Captain

Coach AJ with current team captain


As the conversation with coach turned to equipment I couldn’t resist and ask him what he was skiing on these days, he laughs, smiled and said, “I’ve got shaped carving skis, don’t you worry!”  The response made me smile. 

A few years back while skiing at Cannon with my cousin’s son, he introduced me to his best friend who was Coach Ajemain’s son.  Wow, small world uh! 

The world of skiing, it’s so simple and so perfect for families.  Ski areas like Blue Hills all over the country are turning out family of skiers and snowboarders and its dedicated people like Paul Ajemain who keep the wheels turning.

Who was your coach when you were kid? What are your memories of skiing with your family? Bust out the family photo album or high school year book and have a few laugh… THANKS AJ for the memories and the motivation to keep coming back to Blue Hills and staying involved with kids and teaching them the fundamentals of skiing, fun and life!


MHS 1982

R-L bottom row – Coach AJ, K Walsh, K McCarthy, A McNulty, T Mashrick,          1982 Milton High School Ski Team

R-L back row J Donovan, J Aman, B Comeau, P Kelly, D Egan, M Walsh, B Hennessy, S Dillon, R Hurwitz, C Lynch,

N Egan

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Great post Dan!

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That's a super post for sure that conjurs up memories for me from the early 70's and high school ski club.The years roll by and skiing remains the constant. We finally have decent ski weather rolling through Pa. and I'm going to ski tomorrow AM . Have to leave Sunday PM to be able to see a customer Monday AM, so I'm justifying taking work time off in the AM to compensate for Sunday.


Almost like skipping some school to ski! Anybody ever do that?

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I can totally relate Dan. I will never forget the generosity of Joe Sweeney when a Andover.
Scott Johnson
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Woa. This is really, really freaky deja vu (or something of that sort).... I grew up in Milton, MA and graduated from Milton High School in '04. I wasn't on the ski team, but I knew Paul and his son from church. Blue hills was commonly my stomping grounds. 


Is Dr. Cadigan still involved with the team as well? 

I don't even know what else to say. This thread has really caught me by surprise.

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