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A truly big loss for the skiing community. RIP and sincere condolences to the family and friends.frown.gif

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So sad sad sad sad sad.  RIP Sarah and prayers, thoughts, love, peace to all her family, friends and fans.  She is/was so talented and sometimes they make it look so easy to do the supremely difficult things they do, that its easy to forget how high the stakes are.  She showed so many skiers (men and women) what the art of the possible is when you combine talent, hard-work and fearlessness.  Inspiration for sure. 

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Very Sad.

She was a great contribution to the sport.




















 Sarah Burke and her good pal Dexter.






Sarah Burke








Sarah Burke,





A Video of Rory and Sarah, part of "Winter".

Some great pictures of Sarah as a child.



The SkiChannel1                 


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Beautiful Video thanks for posting.


Here's something about the maker:


Whistler, BC

Downtofilm 2010-2011®
My name is Zachary Moxley and I am 14 years old, I have been filming seriously for a year and a half. I enjoy filming skiing and skateboarding. I am looking to make a career out of filming and editing. I hope you enjoy my films.


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So sad. :(


Apparently her insurance didn't cover her medical costs and her family is looking at over $500K in medical costs as a result.


You can donate here to help ease that burden:


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Originally Posted by HuckSolo View Post

Wow, nice video tribute!

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I have S.B. '82-'12 R.I.P on the back of my helmet now, it will stay that way for the rest of the season. It is incredible to see the outpouring of sympathy from skiers and non-skiers alike. It stands testament to the amazing person that she was.

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Wow, nice video tribute!


It is outstanding work. We should feature it on the front page. Espn, ought to use it for an X games tribute to Sarah to be shown there and on tv. It really is that good.

Bravo Zachary Moxley.


As for the medical bills, well that's our brilliant system. If she'd been in Canada it wouldn't be an issue.

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I never met Sarah, although I was supposed to. She had been scheduled to work a clinic in the terrain park at Blue Mountain (Collingwood, Ontario), where I was working in the Safety Centre. Sadly it was a very green January and the clinic had to be cancelled. Still, I've followed her career and marvelled not only at her string of awards and film credits, but also the attitude to constantly push the sport forward to the benefit of men and women alike. Sarah grew up in Midland, not far from here, so I guess you could call her a local hero. Today I went skiing and despite the gloom, the cold and the constant bombardment of the snow guns, I managed to enjoy myself on our little hill .... a hill not unlike the one Sarah learned on. I never met Sarah, but today with thoughts of her on my mind, I managed a smile. I think she would like that.



Condolences to her family, and those lucky enough to have been close to her. She will be missed.

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 and heart felt feelings for family and friends

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So sad to see you go so soon :( RIP Sarah, you were amazing! Best wishes to her family and loved ones..

Please join the community and contribute with a memory of Sarah at her online memorial here:

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Winter X Games 2012 Sarah Burke Tribute










More Here:

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That was a touching tribute.
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Originally Posted by huhh View Post

That was a touching tribute.



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