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Snowmaker killed at Hunter

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Very sad. Had crampons on too.

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Super sad, I wonder if he had gaiters on? i've snagged my pants and tripped almost everytime I've worn crampons sans gaiters.

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Terrible thing.  I once witnessed a grade school aged kid venturing in to iced over thaw/refrozen steep trees under the lift to try to retrieve a mitten.  She lost her traction and slid down bounding off several trees.  This was in the days before helmets.  She wasn't moving when the patrol took her down.  Definitely one of the most sickening and depressing things I ever saw while skiing.  Everyone was screaming at her from the chair to not go in to the trees and wait for someone else to help get the glove.  Poor kid didn't listen.

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Ugh. That's just awful. I would hate to be stuck on that lift watching that helplessly.

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Snowmaking, especially in that area, is a damn dangerous job. Recall several incidents way back when I was doing it at Great Gorge. Ice, broken hoses, cold, long nights, poor traction. There was reason the toughest guys were ones hired for those jobs. I'm sure it was gotten safer, but i can't imaging it will ever be entirely safe.


Condolences to the family.



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