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 Hi again..


 I haven''t been around here  in years! HOPE ALL ARE WELL!!


 My apologies for not returning messages..sorry. I will.


 I am once again haha..(does this ever end haha) "thinning out" my ski collection.

 If someone wants something..hey I can store it for you (for a skier...the time length is forever). If you are fairly can come and get it (I am about 30 min S of Collingwood)((about 45 min N of Orangeville)). Sorry..but I do not think I have time to ship anything..not now ski season anyway..maybe I can do it..can't promise.


Off the top of my head..I have some K2 Merlin's..(The blue ones..about 100 mm tips..I think they are Merlin III) 193cm..with Marker Bindings..these I had tuned for "ice skis" but I don't really want to ski when it is that icy anyway haha. They are ground flat base..o..and iirc 1 on the side. They actually carve purtty good at slow/slower higher speeds..they get a bit touchy haha. Anyway..the edges,base are in good shape..skiiable. The bindings are mounted for about a 313mm sole I think(my boots) I can't remember where they are on the track??


Next are some Volkl P30's. They ski really nice! Despite a base gouge near the edge. Hard to believe that something this big and ugly can ski nice(play nice) and carve! They are a whopping 200cm!  They are drilled for Salomon 900's. I MAY have something kicking around that fits bindingwise.


Bindings..I have some Rossi's..I think 120's? FT 120's? They are on some delammed Vipers

                       some OLD Tyrolia 490.s and RD 490's

                       some OLD Marker..I think..m26? Twincams..

                       some OLD Sal 547,647,747, I think I might have some new in those too!


More to come as I get to it.