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Purchasing demo skis- questions

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I am a first time poster and am not sure if I am asking in the right place. I recently had the opportunity to demo a few different skis and fell in love with Volkl's Kendo; I live on the east coast and this ski fits all my skiing needs. I would like to buy a pair but cannot afford to buy at full price ( I am not poor but have kids, mortgage, ect and cannot justify spending 750-800 for skis and bindings right now.) I have recently seen some 2010/11 demos on ebay for about $500. My question is two-fold. Is this a good price for this and am i looking at the right time? Should I be waiting a few more months until after the ski season is over to get the 11/12 model or is this generally what it would cost? Any input would be greatly appreciated. Also If I am posting in the wrong thread please let me know.


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Sounds a bit high to me for last year's demos.  Generally new skis will go for close to half off on clearance at the end of the season.  Last years models now should be even a bit less.  And demos from last year should go for less than new ones.  New Kendos are going for $650 plus bindings.  I would be looking for $400 or less for last years demos.   

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$400 with bindings or without? The 500 was with demo marker griffins and shipping also

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With demo skis it really comes down to the amount of use they have seen. A ski that wasn't demoed very much will be a better ski... but maybe not as good a 'deal', a ski that was sent out every other day will sell for much less (the demo center made their $$ on demo fees) but be careful if it was tuned after every use. Size will play a roll in this as well, if you want the most popular length ie 170 or 177cm then you might have to try to buy as soon as they are turned loose from the demo fleet, if you want an 'odd' size then you are in luck, it will have seen less use and you can maybe wait longer for a better price.


oh yeah, the binding matters also, a nice demo binding can add a lot of value over a cheap demo binding.

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What Whiteroom said about the variable condition of demos skis.


The last time I weighed buying demos versus buying new was a few years ago in mid-March. Like you, I was on a tight budget.


The shop where I demoed did not have the ski new (in any size), wanted $400 for the demos, and wouldn't budge on that price (I offered $300). I had already located 3 pairs of the same ski/binding setup new in my size (2 online, one in a shop near a mountain I ski regularly) available for $600 or less (sticker price was $1200). Brand new skis for $200 more seemed like a better value than used skis in seemingly decent condition with unknown mileage.


Given what a bad snow year it's been most places (not to mention the economic situation), it probably hasn't been a good year for ski sales. It might be worth waiting until after President's Day to see how far prices drop on the new stuff.

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Wait until early March and buy skis on clearance. Demo bindings weight a freakin' ton, plus you never know what's happened with those demo skis. $500 for a demo ski sounds high to me.

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wait till the year is over and buy last years demos...the shop should sell them too you for like 300$

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By 2015, the current 2011's will be a very good deal. That's the way you should go.



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