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Doing Squats as a part of ACL Recovery

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About 2 months after ACL surgery (also repaired damaged MCL and meniscus) in mid-October, I started doing squats as a part of my rehab.  I have a PT and, although I do the squats on my own, I make sure my PT is OK with exactly what I'm doing. 


I have gone very slowly, starting with just the bar and doing 3 sets of 15 reps, going up 10 lbs on each day I do them.  Doing them about 2x a week.  I'm in no rush, of course.  My goal is skiing 2013!  I have only been going to about 70-80 degress, so not all the way to 90 degrees.  I do with free weights but in a contained setting, i.e., bar can only move up or down and not side to side or back and forth. 


Anyway, last time, I only did 3 sets of 12 reps.  PT says 10 reps fine and I can move up in weight without necesarily doing 3 sets of 15 reps. And PT cleared me to go to 90 degrees.  Once I get to 185 lbs, my plan was to add in a warm-up set at 50 lbs less (135) where I do the squat truly with free weights, thus not contained and I'll need to stabilize, just to slowly build towards doing them that way for best effect. 


I haven't read a lot about squats for ACL rehab, however, and I thought I would ask folks about their experiences.  I started doing them just to increase my strength in a measurable, progressive way.  I believe they will also help core strength. 


So no set question, but what have people's experiences with squats been in ACL rehab and any pointers?  Thanks in advance. 

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my doc said to " have at em'"I am at the 4 week mark for the wreck (surgery in March) , I have been doing squats without weights for about 2 weeks and just started with a bar and added 20#. (My ankle still is not recovered) but this is def' a question left to the doc's and the pros. Seriously.  Especially squatting that much. I don't squat a lot of weight as I don't really see the need for skiing and biking. I would rather build muscle and endurance on the bike or running on a trail. I will do sets of 25 instead with lower weight.  Core-wise, I do separate workouts every 3 days ( 20 minutes). You can work around the knee if needed. I still ride the stationary bike 13 miles per day now and amped up the resistance to a challenging pace.


besides squats what other excercises are you doing?

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I tore both ACL's in back to back years. I do squats once or twice a week, and also the inverted leg press. For squats, I typically do five sets  of eight, starting at 135 and ending at 245 at a full 90 degree bend and up to 285 at about a 75 degree bend.


The thought that I had reconstructive surgery on both knees does not enter my mind.



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