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Heel lock on Atomic Hawx 120

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First of all, this is the first on-line forum I have ever joined... it is really great.  Thanks to all the contributors.


I recently bought a pair of Atomic Hawx 120s in 26.5.  I felt it was an upgrade from my older Solle X-Wave 10.0 boots, which were 27.0.  But we did the shell fit and it looks good... my fitter heated up the liners for me, and I think they fit pretty darn well considering I expect them to pack out a bit.  I normally wear a 10.0 shoe in US size....


Basically, I have run them one day only on the mountain, and I really like them with one issue.  The heel pocket doesn't seem to be as "locked in" as the X-Waves or my past Dalbello's.  They don't necessarily slip... but they aren't as solid in the heel as I would like them to be.  My past boots have always been super solid in the heel pocket.


I did purchase Superfeet footbeds, which have been ok for me in the past.  Even though Atomic said their standard footbed in these boots was a serious upgrade.


My question is... will the heel pocket develop and lock in on these Atomic Hawx 120 boots with additional skiing?


Thanks in advance for your advice




FYI... I am 6'1, 190lbs, and my last instruction told me I was a 7.5... so realistically, I'm probably a solid 6, but very athletic, love the fall line, and ski all but the most dangerous terrain. (if it makes a difference)

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Be sure to "securely tighten" the second buckle from the top (around the ankle) this will hold the heel in the back of the boot, it is the only one that can.  The heel pocket will develop over time and get better and better.



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Thanks Mike for your input... about 10 years ago, a good boot fitter taught me how to lace up my boots.  I always pay first and final attention to that particular buckle


I have never had "problem feet"... and I wanted to make sure that this wasn't a known issue for some people with these Hawx boots... I like their feel and they bend my iTitans great.  Have you had good success with these boots fitting people?


I will keep skiing them to see if the heel pocket develops.


Thanks, Aric

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In a word, yes.

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Hi Mike,  You were right.  Heel lock is now very solid.  I have about 10 days on these boots... they are awesome.  I am glad I pushed into the 26.5.  All of the boot fitters told me over here that my foot was a 27.5 or a 28 (I am a solid size 10 US).  From everything I was reading plus watching videos and instructions on how to shell fit... I trusted my instincts... I was a little worried at first, but they are perfect now, more comfortable than all the 27.5s I have ever been in, and better performance.  Thanks... Aric

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