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Dalbello Boss vs. Nordica Firearrow F3 Either worth a look?

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I am in the market for new boots.  Due to location I have a difficult time being able to view a good segment of higher end boots.  A couple of boots I have found at a shop relatively close is the Dalbello Boss and the Nordica Firearrow F3.  Are either of these worth the time to go give them a try?  How do they compare?  I am 6' and 185lbs with a medium width foot, advanced intermediate skier.  Any info anyone has on either of these would be much appreciated.




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Only one of these would potentially fit because they aren't the same width.  The Dalbello is a 103mm last and the Nordica is a 100mm last.  I need a 98mm boot and I can instantly feel the difference if I try on a 100mm boot, just way to wide.  A 3mm difference in width is huge.  You want the narrowest boot that will accommodate your foot without pain.  Go to the "Ask the Boot Guys" forum and read the wikis about fitting and terminology so you have a better understanding of how a ski boot should fit.  Then check the "Who's Who" to see if there is a boot fitter near you.  If there is make an appointment.  If not, ask and someone will be able to recommend someone.  If you go into a store that sells ski boots and they ask for your shoe size, run away because they will sell you boots that will be too big.  If a boot feels good right out of the box it's too big because the liners will start packing out almost immediately giving the boot more interior volume.  Treat your feet well and you'll enjoy skiing a lot more.  Properly fitted boots will help you progress, and poorly fitted boots will hold you back.

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^^^ Good advice here, although it's not an automatic that there's something wrong with the store you mention. Is it a local shop? Does it primarily specialize in ski gear during the winter? Do the folks there shave yet? Do they include a certified fitter? Do they start by measuring your foot in both dimensions and asking you questions about how and where you ski? Do they take out the liner and check the shell fit? Do they recommend a snug (< 1 1/2 fingers in the gap) shell? If yes to all, early symptoms of competence. Still would agree with a reality check with Bootfitters Forum. 


FWIW, have tried both boots, own a pair of Dalbello Crosses. As stated, different widths and also very different lasts. Suggest a search here, lot on Dalbellos and one good thread on Firearrows. Dalbello is a cabrio (three piece) design, so will be optimized for softer snow, bumps, trees, variable snow, great heel hold down if you have narrow ankles, and unusually easy to get in and out of. Good lateral stiffness, flexier feeling forwards than a typical overlap design, so takes a little practice to pressure your tips if you ski like that. Maybe not the first call if you ski a lot of ice or hardpack. The Firearrow is a sort of half-cabrio, actually feels and flexes more like an overlap design, but is easy to get on and off like a three piece.


IMO if you like the cabrio flex pattern, and it fits your own foot, the Boss is a nice intermediate-advanced choice. But suggest you also try some classic overlaps. If the shop has the Firearrow, it probably has some other Nordica models. But a lot of other manufacturers make excellent overlaps. Does this shop carry Langes or Technicas or Salomons? If yes to more than one of these, then you have most of the last/foot shapes covered. Go try on some. Look for very snug, not cushy in store, particularly around heel and ankle. They will pack out, remember.


Good luck!

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I'm currently wearing the Boss I.D., and while I'm about as far from qualified to give a boot review worth anything as you can get...I can say that after a few trips back to the boot fitter that they are finally starting to feel very nice.  I'm 5'7" and about 170 lbs myself, skiing Line Prophet 100's mostly on the front side, with some side trail and bits of powder thrown in when it can be found (read: almost never so far this season).  I can tell you it's a competent boot, well made, and comfortable with a proper fit and thermo process.  I do have a bit of difficulty trying to drive my tips on the groomers at times, as it feels that the forward flex is a bit softer than the 110-120 rating they are stamped with.  But - as I said, I would probably be the last person you should ask for a truly "qualified" boot review.  :)


If there are specific questions you have about the Boss, I'll give it my best to answer them for you nevertheless.




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