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Coming back from knee injury...?

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So this weekend I fell when avoiding a little grom coming into the lift line, and ended up tearing (partial tear) ACL, and spraining my MCL & PCL....


So my Ortho tells me I can start to rehab in two weeks, and ski in 5-6 weeks with a brace...


Has anyone gone through this process recently...?


What knee brace do you ski with now...?


Mentally how did you go about regaining your confidence in your knee, when you started back on the mountain...?



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Sprained my MCL 2 weeks ago. Im on a ossur cti ots brace. Im going to go back To skiing this Saturday. Probably just groomers to gauge on how well my knee can take it. You have significantly more damage than me, so heal up, rehab, get a brace and hit the groomers. It's good rehab for it.
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Skied 150 days last year after tearing my MCL in Dec. It can be done but has cost me some range of motion. Hardest part is psychological- still trying to leave the brace behind this year. Take your time and good luck.

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I have shattered the femur in my right leg.  I have also dislocated the right knee, completely shearing off the ACL, MCL, PCL, and LCL ligaments, tearing the upper and lower meniscus, and bruising all of the bone ends in the knee joint.  Two separate incidents, neither of them skiing to the same leg.  Additionally one time in powder I hit a rock I couldn't see just under the snow and fell through the Gold-miner Chute.  On the way down I clipped a big rock with my right femur, right on the spot I had broken it.  I skied to Sublete chair on one foot holding my ski and got a sled for the rest.  I got X-Ray-ed and the Ortho thought my X-Ray with the massive bone callus was really cool, he was running around with it showing all the other staff.  I got a massive deep black bruise from my ass to my ankle.  The Doctor thought that I would have broken my femur that day if my bone wasn't so freakishly thick right there from the previous break.  There was a lot of "memory" in the old injury that come flooding back with the new one.  I got to take vicodan and bloodthinners and use a crutch for a while.  I never got any PT or other therapy for the femur.  I got really great PT, from 4 Pines in JH, after the knee surgery.  It makes a huge difference in recovery.  


On the whole my right leg is about 1/2" shorter than my left.  It also has a lot of pain tied up in it that resurfaces when jolted suddenly.  I have worked very hard to be symmetrical and not have a strong bias towards my right turn.  I have mostly been successful.  I make my self do scary committed moves where the first turn or the crux is a move to the left.  Sometimes I notice it takes an extra mental effort and I know that this is because of the injuries.  I do it well enough that examiner level trainers don't pick up on it, but I still feel that right leg wanting to lock up and brace out sometimes.....  A completely fear based defensive maneuver that I have to guard against even years later.   


I started skiing about 6 months after the femur break.  It was a bad idea for many reasons not the least of which was that I barely knew how to ski maybe level 5.  It was very hard to make left turns as my musculature was not there my whole leg ached, my confidence was not high as I wasn't a very good skier, and it was my first time skiing JH and I was being guided by my roommates who had been skiing everyday for the last 60 days.  I felt like I was more entertainment to them than anything else and they didn't seem to realize unsure I was of the leg. 


When you go back, go on terrain that you know and are comfortable with.  make yourself do the correct movement and slowly gain complete confidence that you will do it and the knee will support you the way you expect it to.  You have to know that it will hurt a bit.  You will need to be aware of the difference between "good pain" and  "bad pain" and not re-injure yourself by pushing too hard.  I got a brace after the knee surgery.  I never liked it.  I couldn't get it to stay put.  I felt and my doctor agreed that I wanted to learn to move and use the leg naturally.  Used a brace briefly when returning to skiing after knee surgery (6 months) but stopped because the brace was falling to pieces around my leg as I telemarked.  Be careful and pay attention to what your knee is telling you.  Your experience may be different from mine.  Don't allow yourself to use compensatory movements which will turn into bad habits.  

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