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Krypton Pro 11/12

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does the Krypton Pro boot come with multiple tongues that can be interchanged to adjust the boots flex/stiffness?  I've been skiing the Krypton Cross for the past 4 years and the fit is perfect but they seem like they are a bit soft.  Don't get me wrong, I LOVE the way they ski but when I get into the crud/big terrain I find myself clamping the buckles down all the way and they still seem a bit soft.  I am 5'8" 165-170, aggressive ex-racer.  I want a boot that can hold up but I also like my boot to have good flex.  I just don't want to drop $700 on a new boot and find out that it is too stiff and unresponsive.  I know that these boots can be adjusted in multiple ways...but in all honesty, how soft can these boots actually be after making the proper adjustments?  How stiff?
Also, can someone talk to me about the liners that these come with?  I've heard that they use the Intuition liner.  I know these liners can be a pain to wear at first (i.e. stiff/tight) but, once broken in, they are great.  Are there different liner options to choose from (softer vs. stiffer vs. comfortableness)?  Gold vs. Silver liner etc?
I wonder if I could modify my Krypton Cross boots with a new stiffer tongue?  any other suggestions for making the Crosses stiffer? 
1)  are there interchangeable tongue pieces that adjust the stiffness?  do they come free with the boot?
2)  given my height/weight/previous boot (krypton cross)/type of skier that I am, will the Krypton Pro be too stiff?  I need to be over the balls of my feet and I hate the feeling of not being able to flex my boot because I feel like I'm in the back seat/not in control of my skiing.
3)  discuss liner options?  
4)  could i make modifications to my Krypton Cross boots to make them stiffer?
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Also, I am using the 3 band booster straps on my Krypton Crosses right now, which, by the way, are the best solution to shin bang I've found.  I'm not sure if my booster straps are the expert model or WC model but would going to WC: a) be smart...would it impair my skiing? b) be a good way to make my krypton crosses stiffer?


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I'm NOT a dalbello dealer, but I think all parts are swapable,   so order a stiffer tongue, order the back stiffening thingys,  order a 3 strap booster, and you have all the options

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