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Look NX 11 Binding

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Does anyone have any feedback on the Look NX11 Binding.  Quality?

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good morning:


I've been running a look nx-12 on my contact grooves that i skiied all last year and at least 12 days this year.  First, the toe piece seems to be of the exact same construction and materials as the various PX bindings i've used over the years.  Second, the heel while made of uninspiring plastic has caused no issues or concerns while i've used them.  No early releases and not sure i've needed them to come off yet so no input on release.  the one upside is that they're certainly light compared to the PX heel pieces.  My only real concern for you is whether or not the ramp is in your wheelhouse so to speak and whether the 11 is enough binding...i think mine are set at 9.5 or 10 for a 175 lbs and a type III skier.




ps keep in mind the nx bindings i use are mounted on a rail system.

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I worked at a shop that had the NX style bindings on some demos.  They survived a few seasons.  It is a good binding for those who do not demand the performance of higher end bindings.  The toe units are the same as the PX models.  The heel is a reliable step in/step out unit that is light.


If you are more of a cruiser than a performance skier.  It should be a fine fit.



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Thank you!

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