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Recommended skis to demo?

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I'll be heading to Whistler in a few weeks and usually rent a demo ski since I only own boots.  I'm always on the lookout for a good ski recommendation and since I only get a handful of days in each year it's hard for me to compare from season to season.  I'm a level 7/8 skier, 5' 8", 150#.  Due to my light weight I sometimes struggle to flex stiffer skis.  I probably ski about 60% off-piste, 40% on-piste.  I will play in moguls and trees a little bit as well.  I'm looking for a nice all-mountain ski that will complement my abilities.  I'll be renting from Spicy Sports so if you could point me towards a model on their site that would be most beneficial.  Here is a link to my options:




I currently have my eye on the following:

Volkl RTM 84 - great reviews in the mags

K2 Rictor

Dynastar Sultan 94

Dynastar Mythic Rider - skied this a couple of years ago and liked it

Blizzard Magnum 8.7 - have heard good things, never skied a Blizzard before

Atomic Savage Ti

Atomic Crimson Ti


Of course I may adjust my pick based on the snow conditions, and I'll likely try out a couple of different options.  I'd really appreciate the board's thoughts.  Thanks in advance.

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Mythic Rider is my go-to for crunchy days at WB, but discontinue for 2+ years so you won't find demos. Go to Fanatyko and see what they recommend for the day and demo that, or go to the demo hits ( Rossi, Soloman and Atomic) and try what they have- go early. 

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If you get a dump try some rocketed skis, they're quite amazing in deep snow.
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Rocket skis? Sweet! Now only if I my skills were amazing in deep snow as well. ;-)

I hear the RTMs are rockered would they be good in powder? Does the rocker make up for the 84 waist?

Apparently I linked to the high perf ski options, not demos. I'm not sure what this shop offers there but the chances of renting from a different shop are slim since we are staying in the hotel where Spicy Sports is located. I'll check out Fanatyko though. I was thinking of getting some new boots there anyway.
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Any other thoughts or advice?  I know there are some real gurus on here when it comes to breaking down the pros and cons of ski performance.  I'd love to hear from a couple of you.  Thanks!

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After demoing at Whistler with my son last year, I now have two pairs of Atomic Access in two quivers I enjoyed them so much. They're available at the demo huts on Whistler and Blackcomb.


They didn;t get a lot of publicity, but many of the Canadian magazines loved them, and Philpug has them as one of his Gold Medal skis here in a review.


You might as well try the BBR's while there. Some think they're a novelty, and some believe in them - I thought they were fun, but didn't buy them.

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