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Winter Park for family of 6

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Hi there,


We are planning a short ski trip to Winter Park end of March.  Our 4 children will need to be in ski school every day.  We are only going to be there for 3 ski days, so we need to really maximize our time.  


Since it is "powder" season during that time, the slope side lodging is $$$$$$ so I was wondering if the shuttle system is efficient and frequent, and if the overall trip takes a long time.  Our cheapest option is the Best Western in the WP town area and the website says it is on the free shuttle system. 


When we went to Disney, we opted to stay off the resorts in lieu of nearby hotels with "free shuttles to Disney".  Turns out the free shuttle only went to Disney once a day and came back once a day and the whole trip took 30 min. one way.  


Trying to avoid that sort of scenario but of course, would rather not spend $300/night either.  Opinions or advice?


Thanks for any help.  We are from TX and not skiers, though we want our kids to be (thus the ski trips and ski school).  

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This is last years map. Won't be anything like the shuttle from a hotel at Disney. It's public transportation that runs all day in season. WP, the town, is small. If you're looking for a lot of off hill activities and amenities it's probably not the best choice. I liked the mountain, although the one day I went was a Saturday after a few inches of snow overnight. It was pretty packed.

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I just saw how old this thread is...oops.
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