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Tools to tune skis

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I have been racing on a pair of Rossi World Cup SL skis and am looking to start tune them. I was wondering what tools I will need. They are set to 3 degrees and 0.5 degrees. 

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I work with Sun Valley Ski Tools (SVST), I can help you answer those questions and get the right tools.  Check out, look for edge tuning equipment.  I can order the tools for you once you've found what you want.




c. 315.480.1151

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Thank you. Before I buy anything what are the bare necessities to tune skis? 

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Do yourself a favor and just starting looking through all the posts in the tuning section. There is a whole world of information from similar questions, far more than you will ever get from 1 or 2 persons responding.

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I highly recommend Slidewright for tuning supplies.  Terry the owner has been helping our community with everything anyone could need and also provides the expertise to help you learn to use it properly. Watch out for one post wonder folks that join the site just so they can suggest you buy from them then contribute nothing else.  Look for recommendations from others before pulling the trigger.




Spotlight on SlideWright


There's plenty of news to tell about our featured sponsor SlideWright, including a redesigned website, a new and expanded line of products, and some super deals for EpicSki members. I want to tell you in detail about all these wonderful things, but first I'd like to tell you about the person who is SlideWright. 



Known around here as Alpinord, Terry Ackerman started skiing at the age of six on a hill in the back yard of his family's home at Kansas City, Missouri. "My dad was from Wisconsin," Terry explained. "The skis were from Sears." Ever since then skiing has been a major part of his life and lifestyle. It brought him to Colorado for college and has kept him in Durango ever since.










 is also pretty good and reliable

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"How do I tune skis?" is both a very broad question, and one that - often in more specific forms - already has been the subject of at least a few hundred posts here. A search is going to do you more good than any attempt I might make to answer it here.


Just a few additional resources, in the form of online retailers:


The latter site also has a bunch of "how to" tips as well.



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