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My Little Skier (Special Olympics Donation Needed)

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Can anyone help me get my girl new skis for the Special Olympics? Are there any like promo skis or  something someone would donate to her?






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This is a great cause.  You may just hear from someone in the EpicSki community that can help you out.  Regardless, keep us posted on how she does.  You should post some more photos and keep us up to date on the quest.  I'd like to hear how it goes!



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The Special Olympics here in Maine are  Jan 29th, 30th and 31st I'll post some more pics after the OlympicsI learned to ski for my daughter and now I teach in a handicapped ski program.


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BUMP!  Someone help this lady find gear for Special Olympics!

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What are you looking for? What size shoe does she wear? How tall is she?

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I moved your post where it can get more exposure and modified the title to more closely reflect your request.  Good luck.


What exactly are your needs?

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She has a nice pair of Solomon boots that are a size 8 0r 8and a half She is 5'5 Her skis now are  like 130 length that she seems to do well in.  I don't know a lot about equipment

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Her skis  are pretty beaten up I bought them at a lawn sale


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Without being too personal, how much does she weigh?  


I'll see if I can do some digging and find someone with something good for her.


Most of what I have on hand is probably going to be too long 



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130cm garage sale skis are probably old kids skis,that may or may not be 'shaped'. At 5'5" your daughter is not a kid. she's a young lady. I bet your bindings are so old that your local ski shop probably would refuse to work on them. So you probably need longer 'shaped' skis and bindings.


What kind of skiing events does she like to do? That will influence what kind of ski she should be on.


I would suggest that you contact your local ski club. I bet they would be glad to help. With such a short time line shipping stuff will be very tight to get it to you on time. Google Maine Ski Club and you'll find them all over the state. The best way to search is to include the name of the closest city. Ski clubs usually have a good relationship with the local ski shops who also may be able your whole team.


For the past few years my ski club has sponsered 2 adaptive needs skiers and 1 adult each. We have a raffle each year and the proceeds pay for an all expense paid trip to an adaptive ski school in Winter Park Colorado. We send different people each time.


I'm not sure if Epicski.com has a listing of ski clubs sorted by state. It would be nice if there was.


Not knowing what city your near, here's a partial list of Maine Ski Clubs to get you started.


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Keep us posted, if you have a size in mind, that may help.  I think most of my stuff too is too long.

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We rare off to the Special Olympics at Sugarloaf tomorrow .Will try to get some pics posted when we get back

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