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Can anyone help me on my form?

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So I've improved exponentially since last season, but I can tell that I still have some real work to do. Unfortunately, I won't have the opportunity to take a lesson until later this winter. I'm looking to improve basic carving skills, as well as learn some basic off-piste skills for when I go to Colorado later this year.


All I have is a helmet camera video, and It'll have to do for now. Can anyone give me some pointers?


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It's very difficult to see from this video, but if you look at it yourself, you'll notice that your inside/uphill ski is all over the place. This leads me to believe that you're not in dynamic balance.


I would start with your stance: hip wide skis, bend your knees  more, so they are pointy. Arms more forward, poles pointing back. Your weight should be on your toe-balls. Arc/curve your back. From the video it looks like you're standing straight up. Try this, and have a friend use the helmet-cam, filming you. Remember to look further ahead, as in not on your tips. Without seeing you from a little distance, this is the best I can do. 

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You sorta look like where I was a while ago, weight too far back and not enough edging to bite into snow, so the front gets bumped all over.

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Cool challenge. 


As mentioned above hard to say a whole lot from this video...BUT this video does definativley highlight one major issue with your skiing.  If you watch your skis, they turn alot very quick...then just skid....basically, you got big twist, skiddddddddddddd, big twist, skiddddddddd.


This is baddddddddddd.


In order to derive more performance, more efficiency, and more control, your skis should turn at a (relativley speaking) consistent rate.  With that big twist, it is impossible for you to carve or edge effectivley.  In essence you are doing linked hockey stops.


To correct, think about your timing...SLOW the rate the skis turn at intiation, but keep steering them throughout the whole turn.  So the action is progressive and constant from the top of the turn to the bottom.



Other issues can be seen in the shadow (ie appears to be a lack of any flexion/extension) but watchign the video was making me sick so I couldnt verify.ski.gifIf we had a shot of you skiing, we could link cause/effect better.  But sometimes your twist/skidd issue, is just timing as I wrote above.

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Agree with the Dude above.  


Also notice some asymmetry in your turns.  Notice every turn to the left begins with upper body rotation evident by the right hand crossing your body's centerline in every turn vs. your left hand which moves more efficiently.  I would suspect we would see your hip rotating with your hand from a different POV.  This could be caused by an under-canted or knee in situation on your right ski.  Have your alignment checked by a competent boot fitter who understands alignment issues.  You will notice a push to an edge set on your right ski rather than balancing on the inside edge and steering smoothly around your turns.


This camera's POV makes it very difficult to assess accurately much else.

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Thanks for the coaching guys! This weekend I'll be spending two days on the mountain, and I'll have a chance to film myself from a distance. I'll post that footage up as soon as I have it.


So what I gather is that I need to pace out my turns, minimize skidding, and hold a more dynamic stance. Is that correct?

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Think large S-shaped turns, not Z-shaped like now. The stance you can practice at home in front of a mirror. ( At least frontal and side view ). Also, when you'll be filmed, ask to be filmed from different angles. A good way to do this is if who's filming is standing still, so we can see you from front, side and back.

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Great job coaches!


Aveenvp - next time you are going to Whitetail - if it's on a weekend let me know (via PM). I can video you.

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