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Lange RX130LV Volume

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So I'm skiing in a Lange RX130LV in a 265. My foot measures a 28 so i have about a 1 finger shell fit. After a few punches, adding heal lifts, and putting my footbeds in I'm left wanting slightly more volume in my toe box. The main issue I'm having is circulation to my toes. Last and length wise they seem dialed in pretty well to my foot.


Is there a way to effectively increase the volume in the toe box vertically to give me slightly more wiggle room? I'm not sure if grinding down the boot board would be effective because in the RX130, part of your forefoot is actually sitting on the shell rather than the board.


Any ideas or suggestions are welcome.

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thinner socks


3/4 footbed


thin out the footbed


remove material from the tongue


open the elastic over the tongue


grin the boot board.


keep the toe buckles looser

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I've been wearing the thinnest socks I can find (Basically silk weight) and my footbeds are only about .5mm thick in the forefoot. My toe buckles are basically as loose as they can go without coming undone while skiing.


How much of a difference would making the tongue adjustments do for me for trying to gain volume in my forefoot? 

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if you are loosing circulation in the toes then chances are the blood is being cut off at the instep, creating a little space there may allow a bit more blood flow...hard to say without seeing the foot and the boot


the shell can be pushed up a little if required or ground out a little as well but it is worth loooking at where the problem is coming form rather than just the symptoms 

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