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Atomic 2012 RT CS

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Would you guys have any reservations about a 26 shell fitting a foot that measures 10.75 in. (273 mm) and 3.35 in wide (85 mm)


I bought a used pair of 26 Atomic shells in this size a couple of years ago and was fine everywhere but in the heel area where I had a good bit of rubbing over my "pump bumps". I used the SuperFeet Kork footbed which is really thick in the heel which I thought contributed some to a really tight heel pocket.


If I get these boots again I am having new thinner footbeds made and instead of grinding in the heel area will get a punch on the spot I have the slight protrusion.



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all depends how your foot sits in that shell, but if the only issues you had were around protrusions in the heel area then they should be easily dealt with


if you have sight of a pair worth picking them up, the new version for next year whilst fantastically  new and full of funky adjustments is a whole heap more expensive

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Thanks CEM. I think its a real good boot and I think the tightness I had in the shell right or wrong was exacerbated by the thick Kork bed I'm going to replace.

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