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Drive from Portland to Mount Bachelor/Bend

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Hi Folks!


We're flying to Portland tomorrow and then traveling on to Bend on Thursday to ski Mount Bachelor starting Friday.  I can't believe how we're lucking out on such a poor snow season (so far).  10" in the last 48 hours and another 15-20" forecast for the next and more through the weekend.  I know it's not epic but I'll take what I can get!


Here's the problem, though we're renting a Jeep Grand Cherokee it sounds like there's a chance--if the passes are bad enough--that there may be a mandatory snow chain order in effect.  Unfortunately the rental agency is no help, and I'd really prefer to not shell out the $150 for chains that I'll maybe never use again.  Any locals happen to know how bad/deep it needs to get before the snow chain order is called?




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Sometimes the chain requirements in Oregon are waved if you have 4 wheel drive in your vehicle & the vehicle meets certain requirements. Here is a link that explains the exemptions. http://web.oregon.com/roadcams/chains.cfm The Grand Cherokee weighs in around 4500 pounds.

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go buy some chains for a chain store.. walmart? if you dont use them return them. if you need the chains skiing will be unbelievable and wel worth the $150 price.


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In OR, 4WD excuses you in all cases except for what they call a "conditional road closure".  In the 6 years I lived in Portland, I don't recall that ever happening on either 26 (Government Camp) or 20 (Santiam Pass).  I had heard from people who lived there longer than me that they would normally just close the road completely, instead.  Now, that's not to say it can't happen, just that it's uncommon.


Also, I found the road conditions on Santiam pass usually pretty decent, because it's often just solid packed snow.  Not ice, not slush, just snow.  And that gives you way better traction than some of the alternatives.

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Looks like a big storm rolling in Wed-Thurs. I would drive Santiam before Govy. Less traffic, better conditions(Govy gets more Snow). Les Schwab sells chains that you can return if you don't use them. Chances are they won't be required. Santiam is a lot less likely to throw the chain sign out.  At this time vehicles under 10k need traction tires and no chains. Here's a link to check weather on the passes. http://www.tripcheck.com/Pages/RCMap.asp?curRegion=0&mainNav=RoadConditions

It was knee deep today at Bachelor w/ 20+mph winds. Whiteout conditions all the way down to Bend and slick roads. Be careful out there.

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Hey thanks for the advice everyone.  Looks like Bachelor has 5 feet of snow so far and are closed today to deal with it!


We're still going to attempt to make it to Bend today, and I'm going to take the advice and buy chains... if we need them then we really need them and if we don't I'll just return them back in Portland.


Also it looks like as of now due to an avalanche 20 is closed so I suppose it's 26 for us!

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Road good over Govy right now.


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