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Slc demo skis question

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So I'm headed to slc next week and I'd like to demo some atomic skis (bentchetlers) anyone have a clue what shops would have them. I cannot find anything through google. 

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Good timing on your trip!!!

You might want to check with Ski 'N See.  I was at the Sandy store about a week ago and I know they have Atomic demo skis, but can't remember if they had BentChetlers.  I would call them to see if any of their stores have the BentChetlers.

Also, I did notice that they have several pairs of JJ's in the demo line.

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If your going to SLC, then why not demo something you can't find everywhere.

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If you're looking for something specific, I'd call around and talk to the individual shops.  I found the demo selection varied wildly from one place to another in SLC.

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Have you demoed the JJ yet? I just bought Bentchetlers, and demoed JJs last year. I would completely recommend demoing the Bentchetlers.  If you don't have the chance to demo them, demo the JJs. Then, picture the JJs, but betterwink.gif. My Chetlers turn on hardpack better than the demo JJs, although that could have something to do with mount point or tune. Anyway, try them out, you'll love them.

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Yea ill probably just make a bunch of calls, all my friends who have the bentchetlers love them. but thanks for the help and ill look at that website

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