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I am 5' 9" and 210 and I play football so Im athletic and I ski strong and aggressive.  I have snowboarded for a while and i love powder and then rip down a groomer.  I like the same things when I ski.  I have had tecnica dragon boots from a couple years ago and I have been just renting skis wherever I go.  I spend a lot of time in mammoth, big bear in california, sun valley in idaho and now thta i go to school in upstate NY I go over to stratton, vt a lot to visit friends.  when i go there i ski on an extra pair of atomic slalom skis, 171 with the DIN on the binding at 9.  I do not mess with anything else on the skis nor do i know anything else.  I hate this kind of ski, i think it is too long and I  need an all mountain ski. It is rough to ski on moguls and crud and especially powder in these, but I also have to beg the people i ski with to do that.  I have been reading up now that I am ready to buy some skis and I have skied on volkl ac 40s and loved it except now that i have read that the rtm 84s are a little softer and more forgiving for bumps and powder and with all the awards, obviously i want them.  I have seen that the blizzard magnum 7.6 and 8.1 are great options too.  I want to try and demo these 3 throughout the season, but are there other options that i should try to look at as well?



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Too long? I am the same body type, and don't even own anything under 186. I think you need to broaden your horizons and demo, demo, demo.

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I guess I explained that weird. They felt great this su day on the couderoy and grommets but on saturday it was uncomfortable to control in the crud and somewhat bumpy/ almost mogul stuff and very difficult in the moguls. Now mind you I snowboard as well I want a pair of skis so I can just switch back and forth. These felt like I was trying to turn and the skis didn't want to like they want to keep going in that direction

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