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The Push - South Pole Adventure, and the importance of January 17, 2012

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Back in September, I had the opportunity to interview Doug Stoup about his career and The Push.  I had intended to write a full article but let myself get in the way. 

Even though I dropped the ball, I wanted to share the rough draft of my original words and share this while the adventure is in progress. 

Please take the time to read and follow the links.  This is an incredible adventure and will be a part of skiing history. 

Thanks for reading..........



The first time in history.  That’s a statement that has been made more than once when describing Doug Stoup of IceAxe Expeditions, and the adventures he has experienced..

 Adventures that include. multiple trips to the Antarctica, 8 to the South Pole,  and many more that most of us only dream about.


As I sat at a small coffee shop patio table on a side street in Truckee, California, I found myself captivated as Doug’s described that first trip to Antarctica  in 1999, and how it came about and how each of the smallest parts of the experience continue to resonate in him.  From the description of the incredible team members , how he met each of them and the tremendous faith he had in them (Dirk Collins, Steve Koch, Doug Coombs, Mark Newcomb,  Wade McCoy), the feeling he had as the plane landing on Antarctica, the crepes with fresh strawberries that greeted their team at the tent city, the three day storm that welcomed them  at base camp two with 30 inches of fresh snow(where the annual snow fall is normally 12 inches), to the intimate description of the ski and snowboard tracks they left on Mount Shinn.


If you listen to Doug describe his “first” then you’ll find no surprise that he is always finding new “firsts”  which brings us to The Push.


Doug Stoup and his team will embark on their next “first” ,which was originally conceived between Doug and the founder of High Fives, Roy Tuscany.    The idea was for Roy and John Davis to join Doug Stoup on an expedition to the Antarctica to ski the South Pole, however, with added responsibility and other commitments Roy has stepped down and graciously offered his spot on the expedition to Grant  Korgan .


With the Antarctica expeditions that he has lead, you’d think this is just another trip to the Antarctica for Doug.  Not so.  This will be the first time that, not just one but two adaptive skiers has skied the South Pole.  These two adaptive skiers are John Davis and Grant Korgan 


John  Davis


was paralyzed when he was 19 in a car accident.  As a competitive mountain biker, he took his skills and ingenuity to be a pioneer in the world of downhill wheelchair racing.

He has, since, become a two-time Paralympic gold medalist in the Lilehammer and Nagano Winter Games.

John credits much of his success to his understanding of competition, which is derived from the Latin word “competere”, meaning “to seek together” an approach that brings out the best in himself ,  and his team.


Grant Korgan


was paralyzed while snowmobiling in the Sierra backcountry in March of 2010.  With his focus on positive energy and the tenacity to not take no for an answer, he has regained his ability to walk with the help of two arm crutches.  It is his plan to leave his sit ski to trek the final portion of the journey and stand at the South Pole.

In his own words, he wants to “show the world that everyone should remember to live the highest version of themselves.”


The professional team will included Tal Fletcher -


- an expert in assessing weather, snow safety, emergency medical care, rescue, evacuation, winter mountaineering and group dynamics. Tal regularly serves as a guest guide for Point North Heli-Adventures, a heli-ski operation based in Alaska’s Chugach Mountains.


(Updates on other team members will follow)


On January 17th, 2012, the 100th year anniversary of Robert Scott’s expedition. the pinnacle of The Push will be realized and they will be at the South Pole.  

Please follow the journey for the next few days on their Youtube diary and take a moment to be inspired by the spirit of adventure!


Like them on Facebook 


Support The Push


Voices from the ice (go to bottom of the web page to follow daily updates via satellite phone from the Antarctica)



Stay tuned to this thread for updates.





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From the Facebook wall of The Push: A South Pole Adventure



We are moved beyond words. What an incredible journey by an incredible team. Cheers to you boys! We will be posting the final interviews over the next couple of days. Stay tuned!
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Hey Trish,


Thanks for posting this up.  Grant is a incredible person oozing with positivity.  I'm sure the other guys are equally impressive.  Grant's motivation is inspirational.  One of the first times he got up on crutches was to officiate the wedding of our two close friends Logan and Reid, on a bluff overlooking the pacific in Ft. Bragg, CA.  As beautiful as the setting and the ceremony was, Grant stole the show.


If noone wants to click the Facebook, the long and short of it is that they made it.


Korg 3.0 is Grant's personal movement/project.  He is a member of the High Fives Foundation based in Truckee.  And he continues to push himself and join teams that demonstrate that spirit and positivity.

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I couldn't agree more Splitter.   Thanks for posting.  I was hearing an echo in here.  biggrin.gif


Here is an article in the Sierra Sun



I'm anxious to see the NBC Series of this adventure. 

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There will be an event at Squaw to celebrate this adventure.  

If you're in the Tahoe area, you should try to make it out 


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While I was at SIA, I missed the Push Welcome Home Party.   TahoeTV brings a little of it to us.



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I was lucky enough to intend the homecoming and it was an incredibly inspirational and moving evening. Those guys are my heroes.

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I spent some time at the Gallery Keoki at Squaw a few weeks ago and was told that they're having a reception at the gallery for "The Push" on March 17.  Still looking for information on it because I would love to be there.   

Anyone else hear about it? 


Edit:  I found this on Squaw's web site.



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