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Hakuba trip

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Hello all,


Here is a video montage from a trip I took to Japan for some spring skiing. I went around late April so some of the area hills had already closed for the season - I stuck to Happo-One and 47 (the conditions up top were fine but a little slushy (typical spring skiing). Next time I would go earlier in the winter. I stayed at the Hakuba Powder Lodge which I can recommend as well as the Indian restaurant in town with the Himalayan chef who had a nice take on chicken biryani. The 7-11 nearby was handy for beer runs - Japanese beer is sooo good! 






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The more I see of Japan, the more I drool!


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+1 on Hakuba Powder Lodge.  I stayed there for a few days in 2006 and would recommend it as a great place to stay.

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Looks awesome. Wasn't anyone else there??

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Big big tip for spring. Go touring above the areas. 

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