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Banff bus system?

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Is the public transportation system between Banff hotels and the ski ares reasonably efficient and fully operational? I recall reading a year or two ago that there were issues between the town, the hotels, and the ski areas as to funding the bus system. Thanks.

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There are a lot of people who have posted in threads about Banff (or the Big Three) in the past year.  I hope this bump will get you some response from someone who is knowledgeable.


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Hi RISkier


The bus service has been significantly expanded since last year; it now services most of the hotels in Banff. You can find the shuttle schedule at Free shuttle transportation is provided with your Big3 tri-area lift ticket. Hope that helps!


Mark @ Ski Banff-Lake Louise-Sunshine

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The marketing departments make it sound as though there has been a vast improvement in the bus service when in fact it was merely restored to the same service it had the previous year. It was a short sighted pissing match between hotels and the resorts as to who was to foot the bill when both sides totally rely and depend on the service to attract visitors.

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Thanks banffguy. I knew there had been some threats about cutting the services and was wondering if that indeed had happened. Seems pretty critical to the winter economy of all concerned. We've intended to go somewhere in March and hadn't made any concrete plans. Got interested in a "group trip" to Chamonix that still doesn't seem to be planned so I'm growing very skeptical that it will ever happen. Snow at the usual suspects makes us happy we hadn't made any early plans to UT, CO, or CA. So Banff seems a viable alternative. The snow has been pretty decent in that area, correct?

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Lake Louise is off to a fantastic start this season. The skiing has been great and it's snowing more right now. March is the best time to come for sure. All the terrain is normally open and the temps are good and the conditions are still winter. The best powder days I have had here have been in March and April. Go to Louise though, you really have to know Sunshine to get the most out of it. Lots of flats to get stuck on, short runs and boring terrain unless Delerium Dive or Wildwest is open, which by then it should be. South Side chutes are ok, but get sun f$^*ed quickly.

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Originally Posted by banffguy View Post

Lake Louise is off to a fantastic start this season. The skiing has been great and it's snowing more right now. March is the best time to come for sure...

Thanks for the update!

Plans are to do 5 days up there, starting on the March 18.

I AM STOKED!  Have not had the opportunity to get to Lk Louise, but sure have wanted to. Thanks for the headsup on Sunshine, I'll try to do some planning if and when I plan to try the hill.

Anything you can say about Norquay?

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norquay has some great grooming, close to town, nice lodge etc.   Also the "big chair" (north american) is still some of the steepest, lift serviced terrain around.  bumps not cliffs, but fun still.

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