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Edge Tuning

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It seems that every time I go skiing, the base and edge gets damaged. This time I must have ran something over and there is now a decent size nick in the side edge. I used a file to remove the burr and jagged edge, but the nick is deep enough where it is impossible to remove by filing. I don't really want to keep file because the edge will eventually get too thin. Is there another method to remove the nick, or should I leave it the way it is?


Thank you for your help.

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That nick was likely caused by hitting a rock. Unfortunately,it happens. Check out some of the how-to's in the Articles section of the site and Slidewright's blog for tips on do it yourself tuning.

For starters though, when you hit a rock with your edge it hardens that area of your edge and you will want to use a diamond stone to remove this before using a file, otherwise, you will quickly destroy your file. Often, as you have found, it is not practical to remove the full depth of the damage, so you handle just as you have, by removing the burr and dressing it as best you can.
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