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3D Map of Whistler updated

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Hey Everyone,


I have plugged my site in the past, so I will keep this short.


A new version of the 3D Map of Whistler is out: some changes-  run descriptions, ability to overlay your own GPS track and a map of summer for the mountain bikers out there.


It uses the Google Earth plug-in, so that needs to be installed.


3D Whistler.jpg


Peak Chair.jpg

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Thanks, I really enjoy looking at this when I'm stuck and bored to deat in wisconsin all winter.

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Thanks chickenonabun!


Anyone have any feedback or thoughts on features you would like to see??




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I freaking love this app guys! It's been my favourite for a year now. I purchased it on the android store, though it doesn't work on my phone (not your fault--google earth doesn't run on cyanogenmod devices)


I'd love the ability to "virtual ski" the runs. Like somehow keep the point of view glued into the mountain surface. My problem is orientating the map in the most natural possible way, which in my case is as I'd ski down the runs. Dunno if the API lets you do this tho...


Also would enjoy the ability to create and save a route. 

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Hi Metaphor,
Glad you like it!
We are currently working on have pre-set 'tours' , ie the camera follows a set POV. We are experimenting with showing from different perspectives, ie from a real skiers POV or from up and behind to give a better feel of the 'surrounding' area as well. I think this covers your 'virtual ski' request. It is reasonably easy to implement, the hard part is actually making the 'tour'. We should have something to show for next season.
There are plenty of good free apps out there to record your movement during your ski day. If you save/export it in a .kml format you can then 'drag and drop' it into our webpage to show it on top of our map.
If you want to 'plan' a route using the map then save it to refer to while skiing, then that is something we would like to do, but it is a lot more involved so it is a part of the 'to do' .... later .... list :)
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