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volkl vertigo motion

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I grabbed my vertigo motions out of storage as rock skis, but when I adjusted the bindings to the correct length for my boot (315mm), they're ridiculously loose. After some trial and error (shortening binding length and reinserting boot) I found that setting the binding length at 308mm is a much better fit.. Will this cause problems with the bindings, or impede boot release? Anything else I should be concerned about?

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Your post reads like you might be using a Marker Speedpoint rental type binding.  


What binding are you using?

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The important thing is that when your boot is in the binding the forward pressure thing is within the allowed zone. Depending on the binding it could be a screw or a tab or maybe something else. As requested above, if you describe what binding you have there is most likely someone here who can tell you how the forward pressure device works for the binding and how to make sure it is correct with your boot.


On a side note, how do you like the Vertigo Motions? I was thinking of buying a pair from Craigslist to use as rock skis.

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Motions came with a marker binding system, I use my Motions as a rock ski, but didn't need them this year as Sun Peaks had a very good early season and now has all runs open with good coverage. I forget what the indicator system is for checking binding forward pressure so I will take a look at my skis tomorrow and report back.

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As Dano said, they have the marker motion 1200 binding system.





Your help is greatly appreciated.

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like dano said, the bindings are marker motion 1200s.



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The heel of the binding has a black tab that sticks out of the back of the housing and when the boot is in the binding, the Arrow or Triangle should have the point of the arrow inside the housing but not completely inside, so some of the hash marks on the arrow should be showing.

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I apologize for the terrible image quality, but maybe these pictures will help:




I'm not quite sure of which tab you're speaking. These pictures were taken with the boot in the binding. Also, I read on another post also regarding the Motion bindings that a 308mm boot would be set to 304mm on the binding. Does this mean that setting the binding at 308 for my 315 boot isn't too far off?

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The little black plastic stub on the back of the binding right near the bottom is your forward pressure indicator. There's a triangle (or arrow) imprinted on the top of the stub. With your boot in the binding, some part of that triangle should be inside the housing but not the whole thing to assure proper forward pressure.


From what I can see on your last two images, it looks like you're pretty close - it's hard to tell with that image quality, but you may need 1/2 turn looser to be right on?

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I don't see any way to tighten or loosen that stub. It doesn't have a circular shape. When the boots are out of the binding, I can see the marked arrow, though..

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This may seem completely elementary to most of you, but... I should have set the heel DIN at zero before fitting the boots, correct? Resetting the heel DIN and then fitting the bindings to proper length for boot, then resetting DIN should give me correct forward pressure? Maybe I'm completely off base - this is new territory for me.

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The DIN is separate from forward pressure and can be at any setting while adjusting the forward pressure. When you change the distance between the heel and toe piece by selecting "315" or "308" or whatever the choices available, this changes the forward pressure. To check if you have the correct forward pressure, the triangle on the black tab needs to be part way into the heel housing as explained in previous posts.

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I'm charging my camera so I can get some decent photos. The closest I can come is with the arrow mostly/almost all the way out, or the arrow mostly/almost all the way inside - there is no middle ground. Which is preferable?

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or this:


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In the first photo the point of the triangle does not appear to be inside the housing opening, so you want the setting that is shown in the second photo.

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well I guess there's only one thing left to do: test them out.


I'll let you know how it goes.


On a side note.. does anyone wax their rock skis, or is that superfluous? There's actually a bit of rust on the sidewalls, and I'm not sure how clean the edges are. Not sure if I should throw down $25 for a tuning.

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I just bought some used skis with this exact same binding and am currently trying to adjust them to fit my boots.  When I looked at them at the store it seemed pretty straightforward, but I can't seem to figure out how to adjust the size now.  I lifted up the curved metal thing and turned the screw on the side to "unlock", but they still won't budge.  I figure I'm missing something fairly obvious but I haven't been able to figure it out on my own or elsewhere on the web, so I'm giving this a shot.  Any help would be much appreciated.  :)

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The screw you turned unlock to is actually a pin. Lever it out a bit with small slot screwdriver and pull it out. Then you can slide binding off. Take note of the rail area the pin goes into, there are a couple positions usually.
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