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Pieps DSP Tour vs. BCA Tracker 2

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I have found a Pieps DSP Tour for $299 and a BCA Tracker 2 for $268. My thinking is that for the extra $30 the Pieps may be the way to go for the ease of searching in the off chance of a multiple burial. Is my thinking flawed or should I be looking elsewhere?

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Have you used either? Or a tracker? I have a tracker 2 because I had a tracker previously.
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I have only used the Tracker DTS. Have watched a lot of youtube videos and read all of the reviews that I can find. The DSP seems fairly straighforward and easy as does the Tracker 2. The Pieps just seems better if more than one burial. Otherwise I would probably just go for the best deal.

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Man if you are dealing with a multiple burial situation, some one 'effed up big time.  Though I agree it's a nice thing to have.


The Tracker 2's processor is fast.  Maybe the fastest out there.  It's pretty hard to get ahead of it and lose your signal.


The DSP is also pretty fast, but not quite as fast as the Tracker 2.


The real big winner on the DSP (and DSP Tour) is the range.  I consistently get readings over 60 meters with my DSP.  I do not believe the Tracker 2 has this range.  This makes your search patterns a lot easier.  Not that it's tough with the Tracker 2 either.


Overall, they are both great beacons.  I'd go with what ever your preference is.  Cost, red vs yellow, steeze points, whatever.  Just practice with which ever one you get.

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Read to help you decide:


The Pipes seems to have a longer Rx range, and the ability to mark (ignore) a beacon during a multiple search.  Both of those are nice.  


Personally, I'd buy the Pieps, but I'd be happy to see a partner with a Tracker2.  

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If you haven't really spent a great deal of time with a Tracker/Tracker2, then go for the better one for $30+.  Like i said, i have a lot of time on the Tracker, so moving over to a tracker 2 was a no brainier for me.  You could have the best beacon in the world, but if you can't use it, you're friend is going to die.  Get it, practice practice practice....did i mention practice, it's your buddies life on the line.

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I can get the Pieps DSP for $50 more that the DSP Tour. Most differences seem to be minor. However, the Scan function is somewhat interesting but not sure how useful in reality. Anybody have an opinion on whether it is worth the extra $50?

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It all comes down to personal preference.  Overview here:

Reviews are linked from the table.  (DSP Tour review should be up in a few days.)

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I like my Tracker, pretty idiot proof if you practice.

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Originally Posted by Jonathan Shefftz View Post

It all comes down to personal preference.  Overview here:

Reviews are linked from the table.  (DSP Tour review should be up in a few days.)

Just saw your new review a few days ago. Seems pretty good. I was able to get a DSP Tour for $210. biggrin.gif

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Cleansnipe's got the Tracker 2 for $200.  Good deal with the updated software.

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