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How many ski days... during your whole life? - Page 2

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50. Working on bringing that up though.

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about 1300 days

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Don't know exactly.
Did not begin to keep a log until recently, went as far back as I could and my memory allowed...but still not enough days per year.
Trying to rebuild a complete log is nearly impossible, so far I've had incomplete confirmations and recollections of days as far back as the 1990-1991 season
Began skiing at age 5-6 and am now 46...
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Approximately 80, which is why I need to move to a mountain in the near future.  The days and experience just are not adding up fast enough here.

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How many ski days... during your whole life?

Somewhere around 800+ give or take 200, but nowhere near enough.  There can never be enoughth_dunno-1[1].gif

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Originally Posted by 2meke View Post

 They say it takes 10,000 hours to become an 'expert' at anything


I think (and hope) that you can become an expert skier with considerably less hours than that.

Specially if you consider that even when you ski bell to bell (+- 7 hours) you hardly get more than 1.5 hours of real downhill skiing on a day. 

Most the time you are riding the chair, traversing, waiting etc..

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Been skiing since '92, although I didn't get serious until I left the midAtlantic for New England in '99.  Ummmmm.  I'd guess somewhere between 500 and 600 days.

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Hard to say. This is my 51st year on ski's. Can't remember how many days a season I averaged as a teenager or younger. Most of my working years I averaged about 20-25 days a season but there were a few I skied more. For the past 6 years I've been averaging 40-45 days. I'd just guess I have well over 1,000 days.

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Originally Posted by Thiago View Post

The other day I caught myself trying to count the total number of days that I've spent on the slopes during my whole life.


After doing some memory exercises, I figured out that I've skied around 250 days so far in my life... 


Since I'll be 32 next month, I figured that I already lived around 11640 days, and that only 2,15% of my days were spent on a pair of skis.frown.gif


Well, at least 145 of these days were in the last 4 years... but I definitely need to find a way to improve these numbers.


I was wondering who else has tried to keep track of the total number of ski days you have under your belts.

I'm sure many Bears will need some serious scientific calculators to add these numbers...

I'm in a pretty similar boat.  I figured out I'd skied about 50 days total from 1996-2008, and then about 50 per season since then (though about 20 of those each year are 'half-day' evenings teaching under the lights after work).  Lifetime that would put me around 200-210 days, just turned 30...


I really ought to keep a more detailed log.

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Lets see, maybe 25 days before I started buying passes, ~40 days a season for 6 years makes another 240, then averaging ~100 days a season as an instructor over the last 30 years (I finished with 99 days a couple years ago for probably the only time under 100 in the last 25) for another 3,000 for a minimum of 3,265 days.


The reason I started figuring this out is realizing my ski career is mostly split between 2 areas, where I started skiing in MN, and where I currently teach in VT. By my guess In another year or so I will have a new state at the top of my list.

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