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How many ski days... during your whole life?

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The other day I caught myself trying to count the total number of days that I've spent on the slopes during my whole life.


After doing some memory exercises, I figured out that I've skied around 250 days so far in my life... 


Since I'll be 32 next month, I figured that I already lived around 11640 days, and that only 2,15% of my days were spent on a pair of skis.frown.gif


Well, at least 145 of these days were in the last 4 years... but I definitely need to find a way to improve these numbers.


I was wondering who else has tried to keep track of the total number of ski days you have under your belts.

I'm sure many Bears will need some serious scientific calculators to add these numbers...

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No real way to figure even close, but a rough guess would be around 2000.

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Wow - interesting question.  Agree with iWill - no way to know for sure. 

I would guess somewhere between 1100 - 1200 total days (average of 30 days per year for roughly 40 years ... some more, some less).

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Scientific wild-ass guess would be 900 on the low end and 1500 on the high endth_dunno-1[1].gif


whatever the number is...it's not nearly enough yet

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This is easy for me, only about 35, and I am 35...

all accrued over the last 2 years, but I'm here cause I love it.

Wonder if I'll have the low number...

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I guess the percentage of days that were spent on the slopes may be even more valuable than the total number.


If I could ski 10% of my days (about 36 per year) for the next 30 years I'd be really happy, considering where I live...ski.gif

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A ballpark figure. 3000 days.

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Around 1800

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Kind of an interesting question, never thought about it. Skied for almost 40 years, but not so many times per year sometimes, and some years not at all, and other years a whole lot, but never more than 50 days except once ... I'm counting ... hmmm ... about 475? 

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Actually, I happen to know this for sure.  1176.  Which is making me wonder about some of the above numbers, since I've been skiing for 40 years.  Granted, I didn't become a fanatic until 1989 or so, but still.  I certainly thought the number would be higher.  

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664 in 24 years. Became a fanatic in 2002.

Like sibuhusky I keep a log.
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On a similar note, bumping the "Where HAVE you skied" thread!

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I only started keeping a log in the late 80's, started in '78-'79, my guess is 800-900. Probably closer to the 900 because I ski bummed for 3 years and skied 120+ days a year during my bum stint, as I had to ski EVERY day to get to work..

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More than 2,500 but less than 3,000 probably.  It was a well misspent youth.


The clay tablets we used to  keep track on were broken when our ox cart hit a bad bump.

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For me only about 400-500, started less than 15 years ago (as not a young woman) and had a minimum of 35 with a max of about 60 going when I lost a year plus lots of the next one following an accident. But not bad when you consider that I never lived within an hour and a half of a mountain I skied at.

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just guessing based on least amount of skiing I can remember doing in injury years times years on skis is > 900 so maybe 1200 range.

How many ski pass tags were stuck to that coat at the end of the first year? (think we all did that). If you still had them all you could peel off the layers and count.  


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I ran the numbers four times, three different equations wink.gif and it comes out the same every time: around 1,600 - 1,700 in 57 years. pretty fanatic the whole time, raced as a kid.  lived at a resort about 11 years total, Anchorage, Garmisch, and Tahoe. 

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I'm 63 and have averaged 80 days per year for the past 38 years and another 100 or so days total in my teens and early 20s. So over 4000 days, but not all full days. I have the most runs skied, lifetime, at Sun Peaks, my local ski resort.

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Today was lifetime ski day #1151, started age 23, averaged ~25 days/season through family years, then about 45 for a few years, 80 last year in first year of retirement.

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My best guesstimate would be that I have averaged at least 25 days per season over the last 40 years and if I do the math it comes out to at least 1000 days on the snow.  And I loved every one of them!


Rick G

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Exactly 16 :)

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I'd say 1000 +/-.  Was that days skied or skis owned? 

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Originally Posted by Philpug View Post

I'd say 1000 +/-.  Was that days skied or skis owned? 

Different pair of skis every day?


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Originally Posted by slider View Post

Different pair of skis every day?


and some days two...or more... beercheer.gif

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You sound like one of those guys that ski with a different ski on each foot.eek.gif Not that there's anything wrong w/ that.biggrin.gif Now back to the OP subject.

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Let me count the lift tickets on my front zipper Ill get back to ya

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I started skiing in 2004 aged 45. In my best year I've only managed 25 days(my goal is always 30 days) so my total days would just be around 120 - 130, what some people here do in a season. They say it takes 10,000 hours to become an 'expert' at anything so if you think about how many hours actually skiing on those total days, I've got a long way to go. Does 'researching' on this forum count towards the 10,000 hours? If so I might be in with a shot.

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WOW, who cares the main thing is I am still skiing.  Way too many years to count.

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